Winter weekend in Jersey

On the last Friday of January Riaan and I rushed off to Gatwick after work to catch a flight to Jersey Channel Island for Marcelle’s birthday.

It was supposed to be a surprise and we were actually supposed to have gone two weeks earlier on his actual 30th birthday…not the weekend of the 30th!

But last minute sneaky planning and a little misunderstanding between undercover blondes, along with the ridiculously exorbitant fees easyJet wanted to charge us to change flight dates meant we would have to stick with going on the last weekend and having to tell Marcelle that we had all the good intentions to surprise him for his birthday, but you know, we’re blonde!

We arrived to a rather wet and windy Jersey, and caught a bus from the airport to Liberaton station where Cindy and Marcelle were waiting for us. After a short walk to their apartment to drop off our bags we made our way to TGI Friday for dinner.

We started our first game of “bestie bingo”, played jelly bean roulette and gorged ourselves on burgers and chips and had the best strongest cocktails I’ve had since arriving in the UK.
Winter weekend in Jersey Winter weekend in Jersey Winter weekend in JerseyHow cool is this decor!! Also, this photo literally took 13 attempts to capture! (thanks babylove)

After dinner we stopped by a bar for a few drinks and listened to the band that was playing. DAncing along and singing at the top of our lungs when we liked the songs. The weirdest part for me was being able to leave my handbag on a couch under our jackets and not have to worry about it being gone when I went back – life on the island is pretty safe and cozy! But be warned…when it’s closing time you have less than 5 minutes to get out – full drinks or not – you will be made to leave. It’s bed time for the island! No arguments!

So we went home and had another drink or two before turning in.

On Saturday we woke up to a rather wet grey day, but it didn’t put a damper on our spirits. Riaan was not in the best of states but after showers and breakfast we set out to explore the island – full on tourist mode!
Winter weekend in JerseyFirst stop – Crepes on the high street. By the look on Riaans face they weren’t as good as the ones we had in Paris…
Winter weekend in JerseyWe also stopped to have a giggle at the “Leicester Square” of Jersey. The size of the island is a running joke between Riaan and I, so much so that it was one of my blocks on the bingo cards!
Winter weekend in JerseyThen down to St Helier for a very pretty but cold low tide beach walk.
Winter weekend in Jersey Winter weekend in Jersey Winter weekend in Jersey Winter weekend in JerseyAfter our feet were properly soaked (Riaan and I were not prepared for mushing around on the ocean beds), we decided to seek refuge from the wind and hopped on a bus to Mont Orgueil.
Winter weekend in JerseyWinter weekend in JerseyOnce we arrived we wandered around for a bit and when we made our way up to the castle we were told that we were too late to enter…oh well, next time!
Winter weekend in Jersey Winter weekend in Jersey Winter weekend in Jersey Winter weekend in Jersey Winter weekend in JerseyWe ventured down to the beach and spent the afternoon exploring the rocks, I was on a misson to find oysters, ultimately one with a pearl.
Winter weekend in Jersey Winter weekend in JerseyWinter weekend in Jersey Winter weekend in JerseyWe found a few oysters, but sadly no pearls.
Winter weekend in JerseySaturday night was nice and chilled, after a delicious dinner at the Halkett (the sides were pretty plain and average but the pie itself was amazingly delicious), we went back to the apartment and played drinking games till the wee hours of the morning – just like good old times!
Winter weekend in JerseyI made sure to try the local produce – butter and milk from the Jersey Cows…in chocolate form of course!
Winter weekend in JerseyOn Sunday morning we woke up rather late, and after washing up we were ravenous, we brunched at The Boat House in St Aubin and spent another afternoon exploring the shores of the island.
Winter weekend in JerseyWinter weekend in JerseyWinter weekend in Jersey Winter weekend in Jersey Winter weekend in JerseyAgain no luck with the pearls!

All in all it was a lovely, relaxing weekend filled with good food and good company!

We shore can’t wait to go back in the summer.

Until next time,



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