We went to Windsor to visit the Queen

It’s been a while since I shared one of our London explorations. There are still a few to be shared, we’ve had so many awesome days out since we’ve been here.
windsor-5So, back in April (last year) on our second wedding anniversary we went to Windsor for the day. We were lucky enough to have gorgeous blue skies and a bit of sunshine which made wandering about outside a whole lot more enjoyable!
windsor-8We didn’t see the Queen (sadly), but she was there, the flag was up and the Guards were marching!
windsor-2 windsor-1 windsor-7 windsor-6Strolling through the grounds you can’t help but feel in awe of the magnitude of the castle with its high stone walls and perfectly manicured gardens.
windsor-3windsor-4If I was the queen this would be my spot for reading a good book when the sun is out. It looks so serene and peaceful.
windsor-12 windsor-11Once inside the castle it’s almost as though you’ve stepped into another world, wandering from one extravagantly decorated room to the next, gazing wide-eyed at trinkets from decades past.
windsor-10 windsor-9With walls adorned with more weaponry than I’ve ever seen in my life, royal robes on mannequins, suits of armor and glass showcases of beautiful porcelain and china, it really is impressive to say the least.
windsor-13Since the castle is Her Majesty’s official residence, you only get to see a portion of the castle – it is a BIG portion, but not a big as the part where the Queen lives, which is kind of mind boggling! Like, what do you do with that much space?
windsor-14 windsor-15 windsor-16My absolute favourite was the room that houses Queen Mary’s Doll House, this doll house is pretty much what little girls dream of! It is nothing short of amazing, extremely detailed, and comes complete with a wine cellar and a library!

Technically photo’s are not allowed inside the castle, but I did manage to sneak a few snaps…not the best quality because being sneaky only gives you limited range! I hope you enjoyed!

The best bit of the visit was walking through St George’s Chapel while someone played Don’t stop me now by Queen on the organ.
windsor-18 windsor-17After leaving the castle we had a brief wander about town and decided to end off our very British day trip with some cream tea at a quaint little tea house just off the high street, we filled up with fresh warm scones with lashings of fresh cream and strawberry jam and some good coffee.

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