Life Lately – January 2016

I have realised that no matter how much I want to sit and write blog posts in the evening, there are about 162 538 other things that seem to be more important and are given priority. It sucks because I know that a few people back home want to keep up with us and our life in London and that is pretty much why I started the blog – to keep those that want to know up to date. So here’s a recent pic of us – taken at Winter Wonderland – Have we changed much in the past month? I don’t think so either.
DSC_0694eI started writing this post on Saturday morning – got distracted, went to look at puppies (we bought a puppy – more on that in a bit), took a nice long walk, came home, did a ton of ironing, you get where I’m going with this right…life and stuff…anyway…

When I started blogging I would snuggle up on the couch almost every evening after dinner and I would write my blog posts. Since we moved to London our days have shifted by about an hour and a half. We used to leave home at around 7 am and get home around 6 pm. Here we leave home at around 8 am and get home around 7 pm. Leaving me with less time in the evening to do things. I know I should just get up earlier and get some stuff done in the morning but cuddling is so much nicer than getting out of bed to workout or do anything productive.

Anyway, I guess I’m more of a weekend blogger than a week day blogger. Hopefully that’ll change once I get my studies out of the way, but in the mean time I will work on being more productive procrastinating less, and spending less time with trivial things – like browsing social media endlessly just because I like to know what’s going on in the world. We’ll see how long that lasts!

Lately I’ve been scouring the inter webs for French Bulldog puppies – at least an hour a day – crazy right! But totally worth it – a puppy is a big commitment and we had to make 1 000 000% sure we were happy with the one we chose. Well all my searching paid off and on Saturday we paid a deposit for our gorgeous little girl, Phoebe! She’ll be coming home in the first weekend of February!
DSC_0001e DSC_0002eIncase you were wondering about the choice of name, we decided that we are going to name all of our pets after TV characters. Because we can. We had Arya (Game Of Thrones) and now we have Phoebe (Friends). And I am probably going to end up posting hundreds of photos of her, because, look at that face! CUTE MAN!!!

I also started my new job last week, and even though it’s only been a week it is safe to say I’m loving being out of industry.

Other than that, there is a little bit of exciting news – Our container has arrived in London and made it through customs so it should be delivered in the next two weeks – hopefully! – but for now we are still sleeping on a blow up mattress. FUN! We’ve booked a long weekend in Paris in late May and are contemplating going back to Amsterdam in early May for tulip season,  we’re also going to be going to Cancun in April on a retreat with Riaan’s work – I’m so excited!!

My next post (or two) will be all about our trip to South Africa, and there will also be a ton more travel related posts throughout the year – judging by rate we are booking weekends away.

Also, I promise I won’t be posting anything this weekend as we are off to Jersey Channel Island for a little birthday celebration for Marcelle’s 30th. Getting our year of travel off to a good start!

Until next time,

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7 thoughts on “Life Lately – January 2016

  1. OMW Simmy Cancun? Seriously jealous right now! I am so excited for you. Mexico is one of my dream destinations. I cannot wait for all the Phoebe spam! She looks like such a sweetheart.

    1. Yip Ty, Cancun!! Thank you! On a scale of one to Sue Heck – I’m right up there!! Ridiculously excited! Just waiting for my leave to be approved so that I can book my flight :D
      You will have to come meet Pheebs when you have a chance, can’t wait for you to be in the UK. We can colab on UK posts ;)

        1. Ok awesome! I will hold you to it! Also, there’s a very scenic train that runs in Scotland from May – October that we want to take, so we’ll be coming up sometime then, and we’ll definitely stop by to visit. I’m sure you’d want to join us though – it’s the train on the HP movies that goes over the high archways through the mountains/countryside…SWOON!

  2. Awesome Sim….
    Great to see you having such a awesome time…

    And getting the pups shows that you wont be leaving the UK very soon.

    Hope to meet up sometime.

    Keep well


    1. Thank you D :)
      Yes we are having a great time, we’ve settled in quite well.
      Haha ya, we are still going to be here for a while :)
      Will definitely meet up some time ;)
      Chat soon!

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