The Mary and Me Undertaking: Very Best Scones

Recipe 18: Very Best Scones

Day 27: 25 Feb 2018

Book: Mary Berry’s Baking Bible, pg 320

Sunday was such a great day, it started off with a latte art class at Artisan Coffee School, followed by a stroll through Wimbledon Village, we picked up a delicious Italian Strawberry jam at Bayley and Sage, a small produce store that sells so many awesome foodie things. We had a delicious Sunday roast at the Dog and Fox Pub and then headed home for a lazy Sunday night.

I decided to end off our very British-feeling Sunday with some baking. Now, this wasn’t the first time I’ve made scones, and I’m not sure if these are  “The Very Best Scones” but I made some in November using Paul Hollywood’s recipe and I think they are pretty similar. Mary’s recipe uses a smaller cutter than Paul’s so the scones came out really cute and petite.

To make scones you need to rub the butter into the flour and baking powder to make a mixture that resembles breadcrumbs. Stir in the caster sugar and then beat eggs and milk together and add it to the flour/sugar mixture gradually to form a soft, sticky dough.

I flattened the dough by hand to avoid any unnecessary battery of the dough and cut out 12 scones using a 5cm fluted cutter. Usually, the recipe yields about 20 scones but I only made half of the recipe. It is important to lift the cutter straight out of the dough – do not twist it about because that’ll give you wonky looking scones. Note: This is easier said than done.

Before putting the scones in the oven I brushed the tops with a bit of the milk and egg mixture to give them a nice golden top, making sure not to let any eggy mix run down the sides, if it does the scones won’t rise evenly.

The scones baked for about 11 minutes, turning a gorgeous golden brown. I took them out of the oven to cool and we ate half of the scones for dinner with our new strawberry jam. It was so damn good.
The Mary and Me Undertaking, Very Best Scones, Mary Berry

Apologies for the crappy nighttime lighting ;)

Difficulty: Easy

The verdict

The scones were very easy to bring together, it is important not to overwork the dough because this will give you a tough scone. They were delicious, light and a little crumbly. We had them with tea and topped them with clotted cream and the Italian jam we bought earlier that day.

Will I make it again? And what will I do differently next time?

I will definitely use the Very Best Scones recipe again, but probably not in a little while, there are still at least 8 other scone recipes to bake for this challenge. Next time I’ll maybe use a bigger cutter, depending on what the occasion is, the small scones will be really cute for a platter of tea snacks, but for a breakfast/tea I think bigger ones would be better.

18 recipes down, and 320 to go.

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