The Mary and Me Undertaking: Sticky Ginger and Orange Cake

Day 23: 21 Feb 2018 (Wednesday)

Recipe 17: Sticky Ginger and Orange Cake

Book: Mary Berry’s Baking Bible, pg 86

Since Friday was going to be my last day at my job and Thursday night was a Finance night out I had two bakes to make on Wednesday, one being my chocolate cupcakes (which have gained quite a reputation and went down a treat at the office) and the other was a Sticky Ginger and Orange Cake.

I baked the chocolate cupcakes and left them to cool while I started the Sticky Ginger and Orange Cake, once they’d cooled I cored, filled and iced them, ready to take to work on Thursday.
The Mary and Me Undertaking, Marry Berry, Sticky Ginger and Orange CakeI chose the Sticky Orange and Ginger Cake because the recipe says “If possible store the cake for 2 days wrapped in baking parchment and foil before icing. This allows the cake to mature and become moist and sticky.” So I made the cake on Wednesday night, wrapped it up and left it to rest until Friday morning to ice it before heading in to work.

The method used is a little different to the other cakes I’ve made so far. First I brought the treacle, golden syrup and water to a boil, while this was going I mixed the butter, caster sugar, egg, orange rind, flour, bicarb, cinnamon and ginger together.  Once the treacle mixture had reached boiling point I added it to the flour mixture and beat it into a smooth batter.

The cake baked for about 45 minutes, I then took it out of the oven to cool before wrapping it up to rest until Friday.

On Friday morning I mixed the icing sugar and the juice of an orange together and spread it on top of the cake, decorating with a small slice of orange.

Oh and I almost had a replay of the carrot cake fiasco, standing on the platform at Wimbledon station waiting for the train with my bag on the floor next to me with the cake in it, some rude person knocked my bag over in his rush to get off the train and out of the station, hurrying off without batting an eyelid. I was SO annoyed. I picked up the bag quickly, making sure the tin was still closed and standing upright.

When I got to the office and took the cake out the tin the damage was luckily not too bad.
The Mary and Me Undertaking, Marry Berry, Sticky Ginger and Orange Cake The Mary and Me Undertaking, Marry Berry, Sticky Ginger and Orange CakeDifficulty: Easy

The verdict

The cake was pretty easy to bring together, I think it’s worth noting that you need to keep an eye on the treacle mix making sure not to burn it. The cake itself was moist and the icing was good but I am not a fan of the treacle, it gave the cake a very bitter taste, quite smokey, not my kind of cake.

Will I make it again? And what will I do differently next time?

This is a first for the challenge, but it’s a hard no – I won’t be making this cake again. I tried to like it, I even ate two slices, but it did not grow on me.

That makes it 17 recipes down, and 321 to go.

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