The Mary and Me Undertaking: Irish Soda Bread

Recipe 20: Irish Soda Bread

Day 29: 27 Feb 2018

Book: Mary Berry Everyday, pg 293

Let’s start this post off with a little story…I made Soda Bread once before, it was a Paul Hollywood recipe, but like the last minute baker that I am, I didn’t have all the ingredients I wanted on hand. So I did a little google and some substituting. According to Google, if you add some lemon juice to milk and you let it stand a bit to thicken up you can substitute it for buttermilk. So I did just that, the bread baked well and the texture was fine but about 14 hours after eating the bread I started getting a stomach ache. I didn’t think anything of it and ate more of the bread at lunchtime. That night and well into the next day I had a stomach ache – I am convinced it was the bread. I’m defs never making that substitute again.

The best thing about this bread is that it requires no rising time because it doesn’t use any yeast, so it is really quick to make – less than an hour in total.

I made a half batch of dough so that there wouldn’t be any leftover bread. Step one was to mix together all the dry ingredients in a bowl. I swapped out 25g of the flour for oats to give the bread a bit of a rougher texture. The next step was to add in buttermilk and warm water form a soft dough.

I formed the dough into a round and made a shallow cross in the top with a knife (this is called scoring and allows the bread to expand during baking), popped it in the oven and baked it for about 40 minutes, turning it over after 30 minutes.

We had the bread for dinner with tomato soup. This has been our default dinner during the colder months but we usually have store bought bread. It is such a nice quick and easy dinner if I get home late or if I’m feeling a bit lazy to cook.The Mary and Me Undertaking, Mary Berry, Irish Soda Bread The Mary and Me Undertaking, Mary Berry, Irish Soda Bread The Mary and Me Undertaking, Mary Berry, Irish Soda BreadDifficulty: Easy

The verdict

The bread was very quick to bring together, especially for a bread. It was tasty, had a good crust and the oats gave it a great texture. It is a little denser than normal bread, I’m sure this is due to the lack of yeast. There is just something about fresh bread that makes all the kneading and proving worth it.

Will I make it again? And what will I do differently next time?

Definitely, soda bread goes great with soup! But, I’ll only be making it if I have buttermilk or natural yoghurt at hand. Never making the milk and lemon juice mistake again.

That makes it 20 recipes down, and 318 to go.

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