Fields of purple

Did you know that you don’t have to go all the way to the South of France to be surrounded by beautiful fields of purple lavender. Last spring I was on one of my weeknight Pinterest binges when I came across an article titled something along the line of “21 places you will not believe […]

Life Lately || May 2017

May was a really weird month for me. Somehow every year I feel like I should have accomplished more by this time of the year. This year is no different. It’s weird because I completed my ACCA exams and requirements so I’m all done with qualifying, which felt amazing! That was my big goal for […]

Greenwich Wanderings

As promised I’m kicking off the stories of our London explorations. I’m sure you can tell from the photos that this particular exploration happened quite a while ago… in the “Summer”. It was an average Saturday in July and we were in the mood for a little adventure! So we decided to venture East for […]

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