Our weekend in Amsterdam – Day 2

DSC_0312-reducedOn Sunday morning we were up and on our way bright and early – according to Amsterdam standards that is – maybe it had something to do with the fact that it was a Sunday.

We strolled through the quiet streets of the city toward the Albert Cuyp Market (again) for some fresh pancakes and coffee but much to our dismay it was closed. So we wandered on along a canal, past the Heineken Brewery/Experiencealso closed (we weren’t planning on going in, maybe next time – when we have more than 2 days), and as we turned the corner and crossed over the canal we saw De Carrousel Pannenkoeken!

Me: Eeeek Pancakes!! Baby, we have to eat there!!!
And I’m so glad we did! It’s a gem of a place! A little Dutch pancake restaurant with an actual carousel smack bang in the middle. We relaxed for quite a while and shared a delicious breakfast of pancakes, both savoury and sweet.

DSC_0997After breakfast we made our way to the floating flower market. A bustling flower market on the canal. We browsed through stall after stall of gorgeous fresh flowers and momentos of Amsterdam.

DSC_0191-reducedDSC_0181-reducedDSC_0186-reducedDSC_0184-reducedWe hopped on a tram to Dam Square to sneak a peek of Die Nieuwe Kerk (The New Church) and the Koninklijk Paleis (The Royal Palace).

DSC_0196-reducedDSC_0197-reducedDSC_0231-reducedI snuck in a pretty cool shot of Dam Square from the 5th floor of H & M while Riaan shopped…yes…you read that right!

DSC_0211-reducedNext up was a short stop at the Maritime Museum, with a sneaky little snoop around the replica of the VOC Dutch East Indian Ship. (If you’re into history and ships then this is definitely for you!)

DSC_0277-reducedDSC_0278-reducedCan you spot the Vossie?

DSC_0286-reducedDSC_0288-reducedAnd then we took a stroll down to Brouwerij’t IJ, it’s the last remaining windmill in Amsterdam, which also happens to be a brewery. Pretty awesome!! We found a spot in the sun and quenched our thirst with some local brews.

DSC_0294-reducedDSC_0306-reducedWe made our way back to Museumplein via Central Amsterdam and the red light district (again), in the day light its kinda “same-same-but-different” if you know what I mean. We took a stroll through the Rijksmuseum gardens, away from the craziness that was the summer festival taking place right infront of the museum.

DSC_0336-reducedDSC_0348-reducedDSC_0349-reducedWe found a little waffle stand a got ourselves a delicious, fresh, warm stroopwafel. If there is one thing you need to try fresh, its a stroopwafel. They beat the packaged ones hands down!

DSC_0353-reducedSo I really wanted to ride a bicycle in Amsterdam but after seeing how fast everyone rides, coupled with the fact that I’m clumsy as hell and we’d have to ride on the wrong side of the road, I quickly changed my mind. So instead we opted for the much safer ‘canal-bikes’.

We hopped on our pedalo infront of the Rijksmuseum with a 6 pack of Heineken in hand – because it was the only cold beer available and who doesn’t wanna have a drink on a boat! – and off we peddled into the sunset – jokes! After we eventually managed to manouver our boat out of its parking spot we explored the canals, taking in the beautiful views, and we only crashed like twice – one time was completely our fault (us girls were pedalling and steering) and the other time was totally-unavoidable-not-our-fault (we almost got stuck under a bridge due to two other paddle boats (also with women drivers) getting a little stuck). I like to think as women we are capable of steering a paddle boat, but this proved to be rather difficult!

DSC_0367-reducedDSC_0388-reducedDSC_0436-reducedDSC_0421-reducedDSC_0404Also, on a side note, have you ever had your little boat get squashed between a canal wall and a much bigger, faster, stronger boat? Nope? Well we did and it was very much a “oh my god please don’t let our boat sink” moment. Such fun!

We spent the evening aimlessly wandering the streets admiring the canals, we had a light dinner in Rembrandt Square and bought two beautiful beautiful paintings from a street artist just around the corner from Anne Frank House.

DSC_0481-reducedDSC_0504-reducedAnyway, if I can tell you one thing, it’s that when you go to Amsterdam you’re not completely experiencing it unless you get on a boat and cruise the canals!

And just in case you missed it, you can read about our first day in Amsterdam here!

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