Next stop Venice!

On Friday morning we packed up our suitcases and headed to Munich station, by now this felt like second nature to us, we knew the quickest (and least dodgy) streets to walk through Central Munich to get from our hotel to the station.

We had the brilliant idea of buying some snacks the day before so we were in absolutely no rush – for a change! We strolled into the station with enough time to grab one last pretzel and cappuccinos for breakfast before settling in to our seats for the long train ride to Venice.

My absolute favourite thing about train rides (other than the low cost) is that you get to see the countryside and relax and actually take it all in. If you drive, one of you don’t really get to enjoy the views as much, BUT then you do have the option to stop and get out wherever you like and do a little side adventuring.

When I was making the bookings (which I may have left a little late) I opted for an AirBnb in Mestre because all of the affordable hotels had been booked up, damn Easter weekend! So, when we arrived in Venice we waited at the station for the AirBnb host to come pick us up, she was adamant on that, only to end up being unavailable when we arrived because of our delays.

She arranged for a friend to collect us and it was definitely the weirdest thing we’ve experienced on our adventures so far! After a series of phonecalls in broken English the friend arrives and pretty much signals for us to put our bags in the boot of the car, he can barely speak English and I have no idea how he understood me when I told him where we were waiting! It feels like we are getting ourselves into a Liam Neeson/Taken type situation, getting into some random persons car in a strange city.

So we get into the car and the friend starts driving and all I can remember about this entire car ride (which ended up lasting all of 4 minutes) is the song that is playing on the radio, it is like a loop of monkey noises just going on repeat… Something like A-o-o-a-o-o-ah A-o-o-a-o-o-aaaaah…. and Riaan and I are just sitting in the back of this car exchanging puzzled glances, and I’m thinking to myself “What the hell is going on?” “Riaan probably thinks this is the worst birthday surprise ever.” “It will be if we end up getting taken”, and the the poor friend is trying to make conversation above the monkey noise. I was more than a little relieved when we got to the apartment.

After taking the keys for the apartment we dumped our bags on the floor and headed to the bus stop eager to get into Venice and start exploring. The bus dropped us off at Pizzale Roma bus stop (just outside the city) and from there adventure was afoot! 

In case you didn’t know (but I’m sure you did), Venice is a vehicle free city. Everything and everyone is delivered and transported via the canals and waterways, even the ambulances are boats! The city is made up of just over 100 islands, 170 canals and 400 bridges! It really is quite impressive!

We crossed the first bridge and wandered around, no maps at hand, just following the prettiest and most interesting narrow cobbled streets and bridges, completely in awe of the city and its uniqueness.
Next stop Venice 1 Next stop Venice 4 Next stop Venice 5Next stop Venice 2Eventually we crossed the Ponte dell’ accademia over the Grand Canal stopping to take in the beautiful view of the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute.
Next stop Venice 6We stopped for dinner at a little restaurant called Le Cafè on the edge of Campo Santo Stefano square, and as the sun dipped behind the buildings the square livened up and we just happened to have a perfect little spot for some people watching which went down really well with our red wine.
Next stop Venice 8We had no real plan of attack for the city. We figured we would have enough time to stroll around following the streets that intrigued us the most, stopping wherever we fancied and still be able to see everything we wanted to see. We spent rest of the evening browsing the streets and shop windows before making our way back to Mestre.
Next stop Venice 7Because we spent every day in Venice wandering around I’m not going to do a post for each day. I’m going to try a different approach to some of the posts about our adventures and I would definitely love some feedback on what kind of posts you prefer – all opinions welcome!

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