My favourite moments and snaps from our time in Venice

Today I’m going to share a few of my favourite snaps and moments from our time in Venice.

We spent all day every day walking the narrow, winding, cobbled streets. Often avoiding the crowds of tourists, just venturing down quiet roads and exploring tiny passageways.
Venice favourites 18 Venice favourites 22When the sun dipped behind the buildings we would follow the roads with the prettiest lights, heading in no particular direction, only pulling out a map when it was time to head home.
Venice favourites 14Visiting in late March over Easter weekend meant the city was quite busy, but when the cruise ships pulled out in the evening the streets emptied and the city was ours to enjoy.

We arrived in Venice with only 3 things we felt we HAD to do:
1. Ride a gondola (or as our friend Joe says a romantic canoe), so cliche, I know!
2. Get lost – it’s the best way to discover a new city!

And we did all three! Not in that order though.

I already touched on Friday a little in this post, but I guess a little recap won’t hurt. Here are my favourite moments from our time in Venice:


  • Arriving in Venice and crossing the first cobbled bridge into this amazing little city. It was just so awe inspiring and by the time we walked back over the bridge out of the city that night I still couldn’t get over how unique and amazing it is!
    Venice favourites 1
  • Getting absolutely lost within the first 2 hours of arriving and wandering over a bridge (Ponte dell’ Accademia) which ended up crossing the Grand Canal with a beautiful view. Next stop Venice 6
  • Having a delicious leisurely dinner on Campo Santo Stefano square and watching all the people passing by, dodging a spattering of rain before the skies cleared and the square began to bustle.
  • Venice favourites 9


  • Waking up and having mimosas in bed to welcome in Riaan’s 30th year.
  • Canal side breakfast of pastries, late lunch and even later dinner…just eating ALL THE CARBS! It’s ok though, we did all the exploring to burn them off!
  • Gelato!
  • Listening to street performers playing “The winner takes it all” & “Raindrops keep falling on my head” next to the canal by the Venetian Arsenal.
    Venice favourites 15 Venice favourites 21 Venice favourites 16
  • Having a few drinks (Italian style, I assume) from one of the smallest bars I’ve ever seen! Everyone orders at the counter, they pay up and take their drinks into a square lined with bars and restaurants with all the other patrons and just stand about chatting a sipping away. It was awesome!
  • Ending the day in the small hours, drinking the next day’s mimosas while figuring out what we managed to see sans maps and what we wanted to see on our last day.
    Venice favourites 3 Venice favourites 8Venice favourites 23Venice favourites 20


  • Sleeping in a little, and then eating fresh spaghetti for breakfast from Bigoi, best enjoyed canalside of course!
  • Drinking warm spritz (and coughing and spluttering, pulling hilarious “Eeeuw” faces) sitting in the sunshine in a quiet passage with our feet dangling over the water.
  • More gelato!
  • Wandering through a very crowded Piazza San Marco – this didn’t last very long, the Easter crowds were crazy! We spent about two hours checking out the Piazza, the Doge’s Palace and the Bridge of Sighs.
    Venice favourites 25
  • Witnessing a Venitian traffic jam before heading off to a more quiet area to hail a gondola of our own.
  • Floating on a gondola through the quiet canals of Venice.
    Venice favourites 11Venice favourites 26
  • Ending off the day sitting on a jetty with my favourite person, looking out to the Rialto bridge with our legs dangling over the Grand Canal, the reflections of the buildings lining the canal shimmering on the water while we drank spritz and chatted about all the awesome things we did on our mini Eurotrip.
    Venice favourites 24
  • Pausing for one last look at the city as we crossed the last bridge on our way out.

We were sad to be leaving the next day having had such an awesome trip, but we were very excited to be seeing Phoebe!

And it turned out she was just as excited to see us!
Venice favourites 27aVenice favourites 28

All in all, I think Venice is great for exploring, especially if you like wandering into old churches and discovering a completely different way of life. If you’re looking for good food and a relaxed wander around a unique, pretty city with good company then Venice is for you. 

Until next time,


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