Memories of Mexico

Today I am going to share some of my favourite memories of Mexico with you guys! 

It feels like our trip to Mexico was a lifetime ago! It was actually only 6 months ago but hey, I’m ready to go back if anyone wants to be a babe and sponsor my trip? And it would be great if you could sponsor Riaan, and Phoebe too please, you know how much she loves the beach!

This was seriously the best holiday I have had since I was a little kid. We stayed at an all inclusive resort and a typical day went something like this:
Wake up, shower, go out to the courtyard for a full on breakfast, laze about by the pool, swim, take a walk along the beach, hop on a kayak and go for a bit of a paddle, come back for lunch, eat ALL THE GUACAMOLE and beans, go on an excursion of sorts, swim and play a game of sorts (board games, polo in the pool etc.), nap, get ready for dinner, eat ALL THE GUACAMOLE and beans again, and then alternate evenings of hooligasnish shenanigans involving too much tequila, or board games, or sometimes board and card games turned into drinking games.

So, one of the conditions of this trip was “NO PHOTOS”… I know what you are thinking… photo’s or it didn’t happen, right? Or, How do you go on holiday and NOT take 1,563,286 photos to post on Facebook/Insta to make all your friends jealous? So most of us interpreted that condition as “Only a few sneaky cellphone snaps and some GoPro videos”. Okay maybe I was the only one that heard the bit about the GoPro videos. 

We had only had the GoPro for a couple of weeks, during which I had done absolutely no research on how to do awesome things with it, so it was pretty much a point and shoot on auto situation…not ideal, but whatevs, it was fun either way and I’m still trying to master taking great photos learn how to take a semi-decent GoPro photo TBH.

So please indulge in a few of my 2013 style blog post full of cellphone snaps and a few (more mod, but still not so great) still frames from some of the footage I managed to capture with the GoPro.
memories-of-mexico14 memories-of-mexico15DCIM100GOPROGOPR0164.memories-of-mexico1DCIM100GOPROGOPR0215.memories-of-mexico5memories-of-mexico7 memories-of-mexico9 memories-of-mexico6 memories-of-mexico4 memories-of-mexico memories-of-mexico3aDCIM100GOPROGOPR0331.memories-of-mexico10memories-of-mexico11 memories-of-mexico2DCIM100GOPROGOPR0313.memories-of-mexico16 memories-of-mexico13memories-of-mexico20 memories-of-mexico18memories-of-mexico19memories-of-mexico17memories-of-mexico22 memories-of-mexico23

My favourite memories:

  • The snorkelling – another item checked off my wanderlist, and it was amazing! We had 2 guided snorkel trips at heritage sites and a few snorkel sessions of our own nearby the villa that we were staying in.
  • Riding quads through the jungle to a cenote for a swim.
  • Riding jet skis for the first time – it was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time!
  • The weather was amazing, one morning we woke up nice and early to watch the sunrise and it was so warm and balmy, I remember sitting on the beach thinking “I need more of this in my life…”
  • The endless blue ocean. When we were coming in to land the sky and the ocean just kind of faded into each other. It was one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen.
  • Just relaxing and taking a break from social media for a bit was really refreshing.

We definitely didn’t tick off all of the “must do’s” while we were there, but we had an amazing time nonetheless. I would definitely recommend Mexico for anyone with a bit of wanderlust and a thing for beach holidays!

Until next time,

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