The Mary and Me Undertaking: Victoria Sponge Cake

Day 15: 13 Feb 2018

Recipe 12: Victoria Sponge Cake

Book: Mary Berry’s Baking Bible, pg 40

I don’t know how I have been baking for so long but I have never made a classic Victoria Sponge cake. TBH, I think it’s because it just looks so plain and not very exciting at all that I had never bothered to make one.

I had also never eaten a Victoria Sponge cake until about 2 years ago. It was delicious, and it made me feel very British. It must have been the strawberries and cream. Mary’s recipe doesn’t have cream in between the 2 sponge cakes, but you could add it if you really can’t do a Strawberry Victoria Sponge without cream.

This is actually the second recipe in Mary’s Baking Bible and it’s a nice quick bake. Using the all-in-one method you mix all of the ingredients for the batter together, making sure they are well blended and then split the batter between 2 cake tins.

The cakes baked for about 25 minutes and came out a nice golden colour. They were pretty level on top which I was very happy about because there is no icing to hide any mistakes on this bake.

After the cakes had cooled I used a strawberry conserve to sandwich the 2 sponges together. I was more generous on the filling though, Mary says to use 4 tablespoons of jam but I used about 6.

I decorated the top of the cake with a heart outline in the caster sugar because I was taking the cake to the office for Valentine’s day and I thought it was a cute touch.

The Mary and Me Undertaking, Mary Berry Victoria Sponge Cake The Mary and Me Undertaking, Mary Berry Victoria Sponge Cake

In hindsight, I do think my heart was a bit big, but the cake went down well at the office and received compliments all round. It is always a good sign when there is no cake left at the end of the day.

Difficulty: Easy

The verdict

This bake was really quick to bring together, all in all, I think I took less than an hour and a half including baking and cooling. The cake itself was nice and light, it had a great taste and had most people coming back for a second piece because it wasn’t too sweet or rich.

Will I make it again? And what will I do differently next time?

I would make this if I had family or friends coming over for a visit, it’s nice and quick to do so you could whip it up fresh on the day if you wanted to. There are 2 other flavour variations in the book that I’ll be baking so I’ll definitely be baking more Victoria Sponge Cakes in the near future.

12 recipes down, 326 to go.

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