The Mary and Me Undertaking: Madeira Cake

Day 9: 7 Feb 2018

Recipe 7: Madeira Cake

Book: Mary Berry’s Baking Bible, pg 39

I’m playing catch up on the blog posts today, I am a bit behind schedule on my completed recipes vs days passed but this is the most I’ve ever used a single recipe book so there’s a win.

This is actually the first recipe in the baking bible. TBH I was quite skeptical about this recipe because it’s the first time (that I can recall) that I have made a cake that doesn’t really have liquid in it. Usually, the recipes I’ve made have oil in place of butter for some moisture.

It was also the first time I’d be eating a Madeira cake. So there was A LOT of uncertainty in my kitchen. All I knew, thanks to Bakeoff, is that a Madeira cake needs a crack on the top – that is its thing.
The Mary and Me Undertaking, Madeira Cake, Mary Berry The Mary and Me Undertaking, Madeira Cake, Mary Berry The Mary and Me Undertaking, Madeira Cake, Mary BerryThe cake was actually quite nice, even though I had overbaked it a tad. It was crumbly, with a nice texture from the almonds and it was not too dense. I’d say it is a great cake for people who don’t like icing, but I like to believe that those kind of people do not exist.

It’s also a great cake to eat for breakfast because it’s not too sweet. Haha. We’ve been eating so much cake for breakfast lately. A smoothie and a small piece of cake is a good balance, right?

Difficulty: Easy

The verdict

This is a pretty easy recipe, but there is nowhere to hide any imperfections, no icing, no dusting of icing sugar, nada. I really liked the subtle almond flavour that came through with the lemon.

Will I make it again? And what will I do differently next time?

Hmmm. If someone asks me to make them a Madeira cake I’ll do it happily and shave a minute or two off the bake time. But, if it were up to me I probably wouldn’t make it again, I mean if I’m having cake I want to go all in, give me icing and filling and maybe even a cheeky topping.

So that’s 7 down and 331 to go.

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  1. Hannah

    That sounds like my kind of breakfast!

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