The Mary and Me Undertaking: Lemon Yoghurt Cake

Day 20: 18 Feb 2018

Recipe 14: Lemon Yoghurt Cake

Book: Mary Berry’s Baking Bible, pg 56

My favourite thing about this challenge is that every single bake is new to me, I haven’t followed any of these recipes before, I’ve used other recipes for brownies, profiteroles, swiss rolls etc but I’ve never used Mary’s recipes. I also like that it’s kinda forcing me to try new things, like this lemon yoghurt cake.

I made the last bake for the week on Sunday night to take into the office on Monday. As it turns out it was a perfect bake for a Monday because it is quite easy to convince yourself that something that isn’t too sweet and has yoghurt in it is relatively healthy.

This cake has a few extra steps compared to the other ones I’d made so far. I started by beating the sugar, butter and egg yolks together. Once well combined I added the yoghurt and lemon rind and beat until smooth. Next, I folded in the flour, whisked the egg whites into soft peaks and then gently folded them into the batter. I transferred the batter to the prepared tin, careful not to knock out the air created by whisking the egg whites.

The cake baked for a little more than an hour and turned a lovely golden brown. I took it out of the oven and left it to cool a little before removing it from the tin to cool completely.

Once the cake had cooled I prepped the icing, spread it over the top of the cake and popped it in a cake tin ready to take to work.

On Monday morning before I left for the office I opened the tin to have a look at the cake, the icing had run a little (as expected). I thought it looked a bit skint so I made an extra half portion and spread it on top of the existing layer and decorated the cake with a thin twirl of lemon.The Mary and Me Undertaking, Mary Berry Lemon Yoghurt Cake Mary and Me Undertaking, Mary Berry Lemon Yoghurt CakeEven though the second layer of icing didn’t blend in very well with the first layer which had already set, I am glad I added it, it was a good proportion of sponge to icing.

Difficulty: Medium

The verdict

There is definitely room to screw this cake up. If you knock the air out while folding in the flour or egg whites you won’t have a great rise, but if you are gentle then it’ll come out fine. I love this icing, it’s made using fresh lemon juice and icing sugar and has a delicious sweet-sour taste to it. I’d never made this kind of icing for a cake before, I’ve always been more of a ganache or buttercream kind girl. It was a bit tart and it complemented the sponge really well.

Will I make it again? And what will I do differently next time?

I would absolutely make this lemon yoghurt cake again, and I highly recommend it to all the lemon-flavoured dessert lovers out there. Next time I’ll stick to making one and a half times the icing but just make it a little less runny. Hopefully, the next lemon bake is a lemon meringue tart, my all-time favourite lemon dessert.

That makes it 14 recipes down, and 324 to go.

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