The Mary and Me Undertaking: Chocolate Chip Brownies

Day 19: 17 Feb 2018

Recipe 13: Chocolate Chip Brownies

Book: Mary Berry’s Baking Bible, pg 100

The week of 12-18 February was a pretty busy one, Valentine’s Day, a work night out, a repairman coming to try to fix the oven and weekend breakfast booking in Sky Garden followed by a wander over Tower Bridge and around Borough Market area did not leave much time for baking. But, some baking is better than no baking.

Brownies are one of my absolute favourite treats, I love a brownie that is fudgy and chewy in the middle. Give it to me on its own or served warm with some vanilla ice cream, I don’t mind. One of my favourite recipes to date is one from Nigella that uses almond flour and is so deliciously soft and rich.

The most important thing about a brownie is that it shouldn’t be overbaked, that’s how you get the gooey centre, Mary says the outside will still be a bit crisp even though the centre is gooey due to the high proportion of sugar.

Using the all in one method I mixed all the ingredients in a bowl, I spread the batter evenly into the prepared brownie tin and popped the tin into the oven to bake.

It’s hard to judge by colour if a brownie is ready because they are already so brown. I covered the tin with foil for the last 10 minutes of the bake to stop the brownies from browning too much, taking them out after 45 minutes. The Mary and Me Undertaking, Mary Berry Chocolate Chip Brownies The Mary and Me Undertaking, Mary Berry Chocolate Chip BrowniesSadly, they were slightly overbaked and only had a tiny bit of goo action in the middle, but they were delicious nonetheless. I’ll have to have another go at them though. I need a gooey brownie in my life and I am trying to not eat any sweets/baked goods unless I have made them, so the only way I’m going to get a gooey brownie in my life is if I make one.

Difficulty: Easy

The verdict

The all in one method made this bake quick to bring together, it was very difficult to resist eating one as soon as they came out the oven because they smelled amazing. I gave them 5 minutes to cool before cutting them into squares and helping myself to the first one.

Will I make it again? And what will I do differently next time?

I will definitely make these brownies again, they’re a bit more affordable than the Nigella ones which use almond flour and I’m sure if I get the all-important gooey centre next time then these will be incredible. There is a second brownie recipe in Mary’s Baking bible that I cannot wait to try. It calls for chocolate in place of cocoa and the addition of coffee and walnuts, it sounds super indulgent and delicious.

13 recipes down, 325 to go.

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