Life Lately May 2017

May was a really weird month for me.

Somehow every year I feel like I should have accomplished more by this time of the year. This year is no different.

It’s weird because I completed my ACCA exams and requirements so I’m all done with qualifying, which felt amazing! That was my big goal for the year – professionally at least.

But when it comes to personal goals I thought I would have done more by now…Y’know more yoga, more exercise, more baking, more traveling, more exploring, more time spent on creativeness.

In an attempt to be more productive/creative in our evenings we’ve been limiting ourselves to one episode of Netflix a night for the past week and a half, and let me tell you, it is working! TV is seriously such a time suck!

Riaan is learning Madness: “It must be love” on the piano when he isn’t playing PlayStation and I am working on the blog more and busy teaching myself Photoshop. We’re also doing yoga in the evenings and I have started a nutrition course.

Also, there are still 7 whole months left in the year. A lot can be accomplished in 7 months! Just saying. Don’t mind me, I’m mostly just reassuring myself here.

Like I was saying, it has been a strange month for me. It started with a very lazy long weekend at home after our trip to SA and it ended off pretty much the same.

Although this past long weekend wasn’t as lazy. On Friday after work we went to see a breeder that had a litter of puppies she was looking for homes for. We liked the one so much that we decided on the spot to take him. We had bought training pads and puppy food before hand because we were planning to get a puppy soon before Phoebe got too old and set in her only child ways.
Life lately May 2017, South African in London, Ed Sheeran, French Bulldog, Frenchie, French Bulldog Puppy, Simply Simone

So if you don’t follow me on Instagram then I’d like you to meet Chandler, our new little Frenchie. He will be 3 months old on the 6th of June. He is all paws and limbs and is clumsy as can be. What a freaking cutie pie!!

Life lately May 2017, South African in London, French Bulldog, Frenchie, French Bulldog puppy, Simply Simone Life lately May 2017, South African in London, French Bulldog, Frenchie, French Bulldog puppy, Simply Simone

We spent the past weekend between the vet, puppy supply shopping and organising around the house, trying to maximise our storage space in our little flat. Oh, the joys of living in London!

The weekend before last we took a ridiculously spontaneous trip to Norwich even though Riaan was tired from his trip to Portugal that week. We had been keeping an eye on the Kp index (aurora borealis indicator) for a while and on Friday night at around 10pm it spiked, so we looked outside and the clouds had a bit of an ominous glow about them. So we grabbed our camping gear, hopped in the car and drove out of the city to escape the light pollution.

Three-ish hours later we were in Norwich pitching our tent in the dark. We didn’t see the lights that weekend (people more North did though, hmpfff), but we did see some cute villages and we spent quite a bit of time on the beach which Phoebe absolutely loved.

There was also a visit to A&E that weekend, Riaan thought he cracked a rib in Portugal, but luckily it was just a torn muscle by violent sneezing….Haha if this is what happens after you turn 30 then I am looking forward to it even less now! So really I’m dreading it!

That was our 4th visit to A&E for the year, it was also the 4th one since we’ve been married… WTF is going on this year???

Another contributing factor to the weirdness was that I spent most of my month at home. I resigned from my job before our trip to SA and planned on starting again in May after our holiday. I had a ton of recruitment interviews after we got back and then pretty much silence for a week.

It was quite demotivating TBH, which made me feel a bit “off” and I wasn’t as “me” as I would have liked to be. Then the job market livened up again around the 17th and I went for a handful of interviews. I got a few offers last week, decided which role was best suited to my career progression needs and I started last Friday. YAY!

So yeah, the month has been pretty much all over the show – much like this post. Soz if it’s been hard to follow.

Ah, and how could I forget – I saw Ed Sheeran live at the O2. It was an awesome night out with some of my girlfriends, complete with a Fan-girly t-shirt, trying to get as close to the stage as possible and all the wooo-girling I forgot I had in me. Hello c2006 Simone! Nice to have you around again! Ed was INCREDIBLE! Like, I can’t even explain to you guys how good his show was, I had goosebumps and all the feels! THE. WHOLE. TIME.
Life lately May 2017, South African in London, Ed Sheeran, Divide, London, Simply Simone Life lately May 2017, South African in London, Ed Sheeran, Divide, London, Simply Simone

If you like his music then I definitely recommend seeing him live. Hell, even if you only like a single song of his, go! Watch him! You won’t regret it. Seriously, I would go watch him again at the drop of a hat. I only ever left a live show feeling that giddy when I saw Christina Aguilera at the tender age of 14 and if I’m being 100% honest I might like him even more than c2006 Simone liked Christina. Soz Xtina, I still love you! x

Oh and here is a photo of the only baking I did this month, from a bake day I had with the girls in the beginning of the month. I made the profiteroles, it was my first attempt and they were delicious, even if I say so myself. I was super impressed with them.
Life lately May 2017, South African in London, Baking, Profiteroles, Mary Berry, Simply Simone

Ok, I think that is enough for this ramble, I won’t bore you with ALL the details of my month and the weird thoughts my strange little mind can conjure.

Until next time,



  1. Cindy

    Chandler is SO cute! He will love the boat (just saying). Ha you made me laugh so much with Riaans ‘cracked rib’. He must have felt quite silly at the doctors hahaha. So jelly you got to see Ed Sheeran!

    • SimmyVos

      Haha thank you Cin! I don’t know if we can bring dogs on the ferry unless we take the car with?? Maybe you should bring the boat here then we can spend a few days on it in Cornwall or something. We should be booking flights this weekend to come visit you guys!!! So exciting!! OMG, the ‘cracked rib’, it was so bad, he couldn’t even drive! The doctor said it’s quite common to tear a muscle when you sneeze though….Also, next time there’s an Ed Sheeran concert you’ll have to come visit so we can go together because I doubt he will ever come to your Island.

  2. Zo_yee

    I was waiting and waiting but didn’t see Ed in your post, i thought I lost him somewhere …. at last I found him

    • SimmyVos

      Haha saved the best for last :D best night of the year so far!

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