Life Lately || March 2018

I actually can’t believe it has been more than half a year since I wrote a Life Lately post. WHAT?!

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna give you a week by week recall of the past 8 months, but I AM going to give you a highlight reel. And there are some proper highlights in here, it has been a good few months.

So maybe grab a cup of tea or wine and settle in for a wordy post with some (mostly) unedited pics. Ok, ready? GO!

August: I bought a drone with my tax refund, thanks HMRC you babe. We went axe throwing for a friends birthday and Camping in the Brecon Beacons (Wales) for a weekend.
Life lately March 2018Life lately March 2018 September: We started off spending a beautiful sunny Saturday exploring Cambridge with friends and punting along the river Cam. We also went to Iceland for a couple of days, we spent our time there driving the ring road in a camper van and chasing the Northen Lights, it was incredible! I promise to do a full trip recap and some other posts on that soon, I also got some cool footage that I want to make a video with. So many ideas, so little time.Life lately March 2018

Life lately March 2018 Life lately March 2018

October: My Google Timeline for October is pretty depressing actually, its a constant loop of Home-Work-Home with a few shopping trips and work nights out sprinkled in and a handful of visits to Wimbledon on our house hunt. I’ve been quite good at going to the office gym, and even did a disco yoga class which was so weird and awkward. I also decided to go vegetarian on the 9th and I’m still going strong. The only mildly exciting thing that happened this month was a trip to Greenwich park with the pups.

November: Just a little more exciting than October, In November we moved house. Again. LOL. Honestly though, this place ticks all our major boxes so I highly doubt we’ll be moving again for the foreseeable future. Chandler did decide that after the first week in our new place he was allowed to chew the carpet, 2 kitchen walls and a cupboard door…great. He has outgrown that habit now, thank God. On Guy Fawkes we took a little ride on the O2 Cable car over the river Thames, and then had a wander down the south bank in search of mulled wine.

December: Besides for spending the festive season with Cindy and Marcelle, we also had them over for the 1st weekend of December. We went to watch the Book of Mormon with them – it was our second time and it was even better than the first because we knew all the songs. While they were here we also went to the Winterville market thingy in Clapham and drank way too much. As ush. We also had our office year-end functions. So much drinking. Riaan and I both worked over the festive season while Cindy and Marcelle went exploring other bits of the UK, it was so nice spending Christmas and New years with them though. Oh and I baked croissants, FROM SCRATCH and they were freaking AMAZING!
Life lately March 2018 Life lately March 2018Life lately March 2018 Life lately March 2018 Life lately March 2018January: I booked a little surprise weekend at the seaside for Riaan and I at the end of January, we were both struggling a bit with the January/winter blues, so we holed up in a cute little beach house bnb playing board games (with Riaan cheating badly), eating pizza and chilling with the pups. On the way home on the Sunday we did a little explore of Canterbury. Ooh ooh ooh, and my brother and his OH’s baby was born. She is like a duplicate of baby me, but with blue eyes and I LOVE IT!
Life lately March 2018Life lately March 2018Life lately March 2018

February: It was our 12 year dating anniversary on V-Day…where does the time go? We went out for dinner and 10 pin bowling. We also went for breakfast at Darwin Brasserie at the top of the Walkie Talkie building (fun side note: when my dad came to visit he thought we were pulling his leg with all the building names, and he kept calling ‘the Gherkin’ the Cucumber). Riaan organised a day date for us, we went to a coffee art class, and learned to pour hearts and make decent cappuccinos, it was so much fun! I also finished up my contract at Pentland Brands and started looking for a new job.Life lately March 2018

Life lately March 2018

March: Snow, and more snow and then a little more for good measure. It was cold but so much fun! Especially since I wasn’t working. I continued looking for a job honestly I was being fussy, my heart was not in it, and our upcoming birthday trip was not favorable for someone looking to secure a new contract. I did a lot of baking, had a day out in Windsor with the girls and we took our annual birthday holiday, spening 2 weeks exploring Italy. Guys, I am so so glad that we do not own a scale, my jeans still fit and I have convinced myself that all of the walking offset the daily carbs, gelato and wine. A scale might disagree, but we’ll never know.

Life lately March 2018 Life lately March 2018Life lately March 2018Life lately March 2018

I know this is a March catch up and we aren’t even halfway through April but I have some EXCITING NEWS!

April: We got back from Italy on the 4th, while we were there Riaan and I had some serious life chats, you know, about what we want for our future, what makes us happy etc. I mean we did have this chat before we got married, we’re not crazy, but it is always nice to know your OH supports you and wants you to be happy. So, when we got back to London and settled back into normal life I took a step that I have been terrified of doing for YEARS. I fired off an email to a dozen bakeries, putting myself out there, asking for a job, even though I have ZERO experience working in a professional kitchen. I’ve waitressed and I have been baking at home for a decade, that’s it, all of my experience, which isn’t much if you’re running a business. Anyway, a few bakeries came back to me, I had some meetings and this morning I had a trial shift at a bakery. About halfway through my shift they offered me a job. I’m officially a baker, getting paid to do what I love. As I am typing this I am smiling to myself, I can hardly believe it.

If you’ve stuck around this far, thank you. I’ll catch up with you again at the end of the month. Happy spring to everyone in the Northern bits, enjoy the sunshine. And to everyone back home and in the Southern hemisphere, happy autumn, get ready to get cozy and make yourself some mulled wine, it is delicious!

Oh and what do you guys think of the new blog design? Love it or nah? It’s a work in progress so gimme your thoughts :)

Peace out. LOL, as if I’d ever say that.

Chat soon,



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  1. Debby

    Love the new blog. Great to read about your travels. Sooo happy for you and your new job. I know you’ll be very happy baking up a storm

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