Life lately March 2017

Hey guys!

So much for posting more frequently…LOL! It’s been a busy few weeks, and the upcoming weeks will be even busier! We have ALL THE HOLIDAYS coming up!!!!

So, Guess what!

Two weeks ago I wrote my last (hopefully) exam for ACCA, and if the marking of the exam goes better than my actual exam day went then hopefully I’ll be receiving some great news in April.

So my exam day started with me only falling asleep around 2 am because my brain was like a 3 year old that just ate a whole tub of sweets, and also nerves and you know all the generally “lovely” things that come along with exam stress.

I had registered to write in the same area as I did last semester – South East London – because the venue was only 5 minutes drive from my house. So I left for the exam hall an hour early, with plenty of time to get there and go through my notes one last time. On the way to the venue I checked my exam docket again and realised they had changed the venue for our area….SH!T, SH!T, SH!T!!! So, I had to drive to the other end of South London. It took me an hour and twenty minutes to get there! I have never sworn so much in my life – no jokes! I went sprinting into the exam hall all flustered, 20 minutes late, found my seat, and sat down to try calm down and clear my mind.

Needless to say I didn’t finish as well as I would have liked to, but overall I think the exam was okay. I am holding thumbs for a pass!

So besides for some valentines baking with the girls, the studies are what most of my February was dedicated to.
Life lately March 2017Then last week I got myself a keyboard! Life lately March 2017I’ve been thinking about learning to play quite a bit, since like October last year, I am so inspired by Christina Grimmie, she was such a talented girl, and so I decided to get one and get learning. I obviously have a lot to learn but I am enjoying just playing around at the moment learning some things I like before I get onto the serious stuff like chord progressions and scales.

Also, it is birthday time!! Riaan’s birthday is in 5 days and mine is in 9 days and we are sticking with the theme of spending money on experiences rather than things. We are off to Tromso tomorrow for a few days and we’ll be spending a day in Oslo on the way back to London next Tuesday!

For those of you that don’t know where that is, it is right at the top of Norway, up in the arctic circle.
Life lately March 2017I am sooooo excited! And also a bit nervous that I might freeze my bits off! This is going to be our biggest adventure (apart from moving half-way across the world obvs!). So, if you want to keep up with what we get up to follow me on Insta, otherwise check back here in a couple weeks, I promise to have a video and a blog post up as soon as I can.

Also, hold thumbs that we see the ever elusive Northern Lights. That would be the greatest birthday present ever!!!!

I’ll catch up again with you guys when we get back from Norway. In the meantime you can look at this cute photo of my furbaby!
Life lately March 2017

Until next time, take care!!


  1. Jackie

    Awesome my girl. I am sure you will ace you exam. Enjoy your travels and be safe. Cannot wait to see youguys. Pls give my “grandchild” a hug and kiss. Love you both stax

    • SimplySimone

      Thank you mom, can’t wait to see you! Your grandchild sends sloppy kisses back :D xxx Love you millions and billions!

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