Life lately || Feb/March 2016

Guys…it’s been way too long since I wrote anything on here…it’s been crazy busy!

I completely missed the Feb life lately post and if I don’t post this now I’ll definitely miss the March one too!

We spent our last weekend of January in Jersey for Marcelles birthday, it was cold but awesome, and so beautiful! I’ll definitely do a post about that in this week (no takesy backsies).

February was quite good to us, even though it was like I blinked and it was over…like hello, I know there was an extra day squeezed in there, but I  barely batted an eyelid at it because it was a Monday, so thanks for nothing universe! I think leap year day should be a public holiday!

On the home front our boxes and bed finally arrived (YAY for not having to sleep on a blow up mattress anymore! And even bigger YAAAY for my 3 boxes of baking goodies being here with me!) We spent a couple of nights and a Saturday unpacking our things and rearranging the cupboards.
DSC_0293A little tea break during all the unpacking! Also, how cool are our mugs!

I’d say we’re about 80% settled now, just need to sort out a decent work/study nook, hang a few photos and a get ourselves a braai! We’ll have none of this “We only sell disposable bbqs in summer.” rubbish!

I’m sure you remember Phoebe…she came home in the first weekend of February aswell!
DSC_000039DSC_1368DSC_1307DSC_0282Ahhhh she is so cute! Like the kind of cuteness where I just want to hug her so tight but those big eyes will probs pop out! Also, she officially takes after her me (not just the cuteness) she likes peanut butter and fruit and running around like a crazy piglet (that part she gets from Riaan)!

So we’ve been spending quite a bit of time back and forth to the vet making sure she gets all her shots. And also trying to train her to be a well behaved pup so the other doggies at the park don’t give her funny looks.

We also started doing meat free Mondays. It’s been really cool to get out our comfort zone in the kitchen, as non-veggies it really has forced us to get creative and try new things.

Maybe I should post a few of our meat free recipes…any takers?

Oh and pretty much every spare minute of my last two-three weeks were spent studying – when I wasn’t freaking out at Riaan and dissolving into puddles of tears because I was stressing so much. (sorry again babylove, xxx Love You!)

I wrote my second last ACCA paper on Friday, it was hands down the most ridiculously difficult exam I have ever written IN MY LIFE! By the end of the 3 hour session it looked as though atleast 5 different people had written in my answer book, my handwriting having gone from tidy-chilled-Simoné handwriting to Hey look at me, I might just actually be a doctor writing out prescriptions handwriting. Soz examiner, but it’s probs your fault!

Now I wait until the 18th of April for results! Hold all the fingers…thumbs alone probably won’t do for this one!

Straight after the exam, in desperate need of some self validation I called up the hairdresser and booked the first available spot – Sunday afternoon 3pm, I then had a lengthy consult with my good old friend pinterest – this was not going to be just the same old nip and trim.

I was quite unsure of what to do, my number one goal being a thicker fuller look, so for the first time in about 14 years my hair is now all one length. This is a big deal for me guys – no layers for the first time in 14 years! AND its the shortest it’s been in the last 9 years! It was a big change for me but it feels great and I’m loving it! Also loving the fact that the hairdresser gives free fringe trims. LOL no asking Caitlin to send me step by step picture tutorials all the way from Australia this time!
DSC_1412As for the upcoming month we can spend a little time sorting out the flat and I can relax a little bit, just in time for our birthdays (Riaan’s big 30!) and a dash of adventure before the next exam in June!

Until next time,



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3 thoughts on “Life lately || Feb/March 2016

  1. Hi Simone, what an interesting piece of work.. well firstly we will hold all our thumbs for you with your exams. Phoebe is really looking cute now, i love the one where she is trying to lick the camera
    lens!!So glad you got your bed from home as there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed , also having some of your pics and baking stuff . Glad your boxes arrived. Oupa and I hope that the Two of you have wonderful birthdays, sorry we can not be there to share them with you but maybe who knows we might win the Millions lotto one day . Ha ha!! We are both well. We are going camping this weekend, going to Klipdraai just other side of Meyerton, just hope it does not rain all weekend . Although we do need the rain. Well you and Riaan must have a lovely weekend and stay warm. All our love Oupa and Ouma xxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Hi Ouma :) Thank you so much!

      She really is getting so cute, she is so lovable and has such a lovely nature!
      Ah it so good having our bed, we got some good new bedding aswell and it’s like sleeping in a cloud! Makes getting up in the morning quite difficult!
      Thank you so much, we really appreciate the well wishes, and the cards (we haven’t opened them yet!) And don’t worry, we are also working on winning the millions, wouldn’t that be nice!
      Ooooh that sounds nice, I hope it doesn’t rain & I hope you have a lovely weekend! Send some photos :)
      Lots of Love! xxxxxx

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