Life lately April 2017

Hey guys!!

I hope your April was as good as mine :) It was not without a few hiccups, but it was pretty awesome nonetheless.

The month started off with me getting middle ear infection THE NIGHT BEFORE we were supposed to fly home. So we rushed off to A&E in the morning to find out what was going on and after a 2-hour wait, we were told that it was middle-ear infection and we were advised that it was not the best idea to fly. Not the best timing!

To cut a long story short we ended up missing our flight and had to re-book. Five days later on the 11th we were on a plane to Johannesburg!

Our visits home never feel long enough, 2 and a half weeks flew by in the blink of an eye. Our weekends were filled with Cindy and Marcelles pre-wedding festivities as well as the wedding itself. Good parties all round! We had such an awesome time visiting back home, we ate all the Ocean Basket and spent a lot of quality time with our families. It was fantastic! We also managed to squeeze in a short trip to the Kruger National Park. Busy busy busy! Here are a handful of my favourite snaps from the Kruger.
On the 17th we were on our way home from Cindy’s bachelorette party and I got the best news – I passed my last ACCA exam! The one I told you about in my last post. So I am finally officially qualified!! Woohooo! 

We were back on a plane to London on the 29th, on the coldest most unpleasant flight of my life – the aircon was blasting in the plane and it was so cold and the air was so dry that I woke up with a nosebleed in the middle of the night! I also stole Riaans’s little aeroplane blanket because I was so cold and he had a nice warm hoodie on. We spent the remainder of the bank holiday weekend lazing about the house, catching up on our lost sleep, dirty laundry and spending time with Phoebe.
Not a bad way to spend a month if you ask me!

Until next time,

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