Life Lately || April 2016 – Even though it’s already May!

Guys, where is the time going? It’s May already! May! It’s feels like the older I get the quicker the days and months fly by…it makes me feel kinda anxious – like I’m going to run out of time! Since another month has passed I think it is time for another life lately post…

So April was good, real good, like so good I would like every month to be just like it!

The first 10 days were very chilled, we relaxed, caught up on housework and washing from our little Eurotrip the week before and we went to the Harry Potter Studio for my birthday! (Best gift EVER! Seriously! The only gift that could beat this would be being in an actual HP movie)
Life Lately April 2016 HP StudioWe also managed to squeeze in a little DIY, giving our coffee table/trunk a makeover.
Life Lately April 2016 DIYThen on the 11th we set off for a week in Cancun, which of course went past too quickly and before we knew it we were on the plane home again! It was an idyllic week to say the least!
Life Lately April 2016 Mexico BeachWe stopped over in Charlotte on the way back and Riaan had to try some American Airport food – Fried Chicken on a biscuit – strange, not horrible but not amazing either TBH.

The last two weeks of April we went meat free (for the most part) which was pretty awesome, in the space of two weeks we ate meat maybe 4 times. It was good to just switch up our food routine a little and it forced us to try new things, Riaan made a kickass mushroom pasta and we made an awesome thai chickpea curry.

We spent a late Saturday afternoon browsing Borough Market and then headed off to Katzenjammers (the real reason we were out) for some German sausage, pretzels and a stein or two – what can I say, Munich left a mark on us!
Life Lately April 2016 Riaan Life Lately April 2016 Simone Life Lately April 2016 German SausageAfter it got a little crowded we left with our fellow community table mates and ended up at a riverside pub for one last drink before we headed home. The following Sunday was spent braaing and baking one of my fave chocolate cakes!

On the 27th we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary (seriously can’t believe it’s already been 3 years!!!), it was such a good night filled with good food and good wine. We went for a wine tasting at The Humble Grape, followed by dinner at Côte Brasserie in Clapham.
Life Lately April 2016 Wine Tasting 2Life Lately April 2016 Wine Tasting 1The South African and French wines were representing!! And they were delicious!

We ended the month off with a cozy night in beside the fireplace with a bottle of red that we had liked at the tasting, an olive loaf and a cheese plate that still makes my mouth water just think about it!
Life Lately April 2016 Cheese n WineAlso, how cute is this little one getting?!?!
Life Lately April 2016 Phoebe 3Life Lately April 2016 Phoebe 2 Life Lately April 2016 Phoebe 1
Until next time,

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2 thoughts on “Life Lately || April 2016 – Even though it’s already May!

    1. Thank you Nadia :) She really is getting adorable, she has the sweetest nature and is so playful! We are hoping to get her a friend…
      We are having a great year so far! Very glad I can keep everyone back home up to date like this! Good luck with your impending move ;)

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