Life lately || May/June

Hey everyone! June has just about passed us by and I guess it is time for a little life lately catch up!
Life lately May June 7aI’ve been a bit of a busy body over the past couple of weeks. Lately I find myself getting bored (maybe because I don’t blog enough) and I feel like I lack creativity in my life. This can end up with a number of outcomes:

  • I knock out a blog post. Like I just did.
  • I convince Riaan that we need to go on an adventure. It could literally just be to the park/a neighbourhood we haven’t visited. I just want to get out and do/see something new. So we bought ourselves a little adventure car this weekend. We are going to spend our summer weekends adventuring the UK. I am so freaking excited for it!
  • I decide I need to DIY/create something – something that is not too permanent or is movable so we can either take it down or take it with when we move. So far  besides the temporary improvement’s I’ve made to the flat, I have made this string art for our second wedding anniversary and this magnetic travel map. I also got Riaan to help me flip an old toy trunk into a rustic coffee table and build a rustic/shabby chick desk (posts on these to follow soon).
  • I start planning imaginary vacations and researching my next dream destination on pinterest, working myself up to the whole idea that I could totes be one of those people who quits my job to travel the world.
  • Lately I’ve been reading quite a few blogs and articles on improving my writing skill – to sound more like myself. I have like zero filter between my brain and my mouth. I love it. It can get me into shit sometimes but whatevs, life is short! Say what you mean, right? BUT the filter between my brain and my keyboard is a little too rigid. I need to fix that!
  • I bake or try cooking a new dish. I usually scour pinterest for a rough idea of what I want to make and then I just wing it with what I have in the fridge. I try not to bake too often because I’m really working on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I also restarted Kayla Itsines BBG this past month…And it’s working, I can fit into jeans that I shrank in the tumbledryer last January! GO ME! Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be posting pictures of me prancing around in a bikini soon. Or gym wear. Who knows!
  • I listen to tons of music videos on youtube – I have a list as long as my arm of all the songs I want to learn to play on guitar. Then I find the chords strum through them a few times and get annoyed that my strumming isn’t as good as I’d like it to be…it has improved a bit though. I’ll get there eventually.
  • I joined an acapella choir last month. I love singing, especially being able to just sing with other people who “get” randomly bursting out into song every now and again. But it didn’t last very long, to quote Beca Mitchel (you know… from Pitch Perfect) “There’s nothing from this century on here”. It was just a little too old school for me.
  • I scour the internet for creative/people orientated jobs, that require little to no formal studies, because like who has three to four years to study a new degree before making a career change. I feel like life is catching up to me and I’m wasting my life sitting behind a desk all day.

I still plan on finishing ACCA before the end of the year but I’m looking for something new and exciting in the meanwhile. Maybe I’ll go for some creative classes over weekends. We’ll see. You’re never too old to follow your dreams!

We spent a day in Brighton, it was Phoebe’s first beach day, and she loved it. When ever we let her off her lead she would go bounding into the sea, then run away as the waves approached her.

While we were in Brighton we discovered the BEST MAGNUM EVER! You have to try it! Peanut butter ice cream dipped in chocolate, surrounded by peanut butter and then dipped in chocolate again! It’s freaking delicious! Possible my new favourite ice cream!
Life lately May June 6a We popped over to Paris at the end of May for the long weekend. You know that saying “Paris is always a good idea.” We’ll it’s true, we had such a good time even though it was raining pretty much the whole time we were there! I could spend weeks just wandering the streets of Paris, especially Montmartre, it’s just so charming.

We also doggy sat this cute little furball last weekend, Snugs the pug! (Excuse the blurry photo, I suck at selfie aiming and front cameras are just bad – but how cute are we!)
Life lately May June 4aOther than that I don’t really have much more to say. We are just adulting and it is seriously over rated. Growing up is a trap! Laundry, dishes and housework never end. Disney gave me such high expectations about adulting, like where are my furry little housecleaning helpers? And the big perfect hair? And while we’re at I’d like to be able to understand what Phoebe says, I swear she wanted me to paint her nails while I was doing mine last night!

Anyone else wish they could understand their pets? I’m sure I’m not the only one!

Until next time,

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5 thoughts on “Life lately || May/June

  1. I am busy writing an almost identical post… Stuck in a rut at work and looking for a way out!
    I like how you just “popped to Paris” for the weekend, hehe…
    Ooh! And I’m also starting BBG today… really hoping I can get into my old jeans that also “shrunk in the tumble dryer” in January, hehe! Can you still drink some wine though? She’s totally against it… *Sobs*

    1. That is so weird! I think it is good that as a generation we are not happy with just having a job that pays the bills, we lean more toward doing something we actually enjoy. Between you and your nutrition studies you did, and a friend of mine leaving accounts and starting her own pilates business I just feel inspired to try my own thing. I just can’t put my finger on what yet, because I just want to try EVERYTHING!

      Haha it was literally a pop over for the weekend LOL, a quick 2 and a half hour train ride away!

      Eeeeh we can be one another’s motivation! Virtual exercise buddy?? Haha, I’m sure you will slide right back into those shrunken jeans in no time :P As for the wine…I think some is allowed, I still have the occasional drink, but definitely a lot less than before! Also when you are getting fit 3 drinks ends up being enough to give me a baby hangover the next day!

      1. I’m all in for the virtual exercise buddy thing! I need all the motivation I can get… Even if it means less wine!
        I hope you find out what your passion is… I’m pursuing mine next year! Going to finish my environmental management degree and the find a better job… Just takes patience!

        1. Sounds good, I’ll PM you later then we can chat about how to make it work for us!
          Oh wow, that is awesome, I am sure you are going to do so well! I am holding thumbs for you!
          Patience, sacrifice and hard work = Success!!

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