Hi there, 2017!

Heeey guys,

Um…so… a whole 3 months have snuck by without me even saying Hi…so bad of me, I know!

I believe a few people restarted their new year on the 1st of Feb and took Jan to be a trial run…I think I might fall into that category. Either that or it was just time for me to chill and tune in with myself and what I really want to achieve this year.

Anyway, I hope everyone has an amazing year and let’s all just try chase our dreams and live life to the fullest…I think that is what my year is going to be about.

So, I guess a little update is in order then…Let’s check in on how those 2016 goals came along.

1. Do all things with love and kindness – yeah, I dunno how I thought I would judge if I achieved this BUT I did do some volunteer work last year and I’m a good vibes person and it makes me feel good when my positivity rubs off on those around me, so yeah…good vibes all around.

2. Complete my ACCA qualification – even though I passed one paper last year, I came across a stumbling block on this one – most people know them as hedges, mergers and all the other delightful things that go along with advanced financial management, I know them as a royal pain in the ass. So I have given up on attempting that paper and will be attempting a different paper for my final. Please send all your positive vibes my way on the 8th of March!!!

3. Learn how to make a lemon meringue tart (originally a 2015 resolution) – I did it!! In the last weeks of December, I made a lemon meringue tart and man oh man was it delicious! I have tried so many lemon meringues in my life and, honestly, this recipe was just soooo good! Like in my top 5 good! If I find a good crust recipe it will definitely make it to my top 2 lemon meringues – 1st place will probably always belong to Home of the Chicken Pie.Hi there 2017 Img 1

 4. Get fit and love the skin I am in – Honestly by the time September came around I was happily prancing around on beaches in Greece in nothing but a bikini, feeling v good about myself thanks to Kayla Itsinies BBG and bi-weekly 5km runs. After our holiday, as the cold weather encroached I found it increasingly difficult to get back into a solid routine. BUT I am back, and we have signed up to a gym and I am feeling good!! I finished week 4 of BBG this week and I have started practising yoga.

5. Put more time aside to play the guitar and learn to play at least one entire Taylor Swift song – yeah this didn’t happen. I don’t what it is about guitar, the strumming patterns just get me, if it doesn’t sound great the first 5 times I try I just lose hope…talk about impatient! I will keep trying, I really want to be able to play an instrument well.

6. Blog more often – I blogged more in 2016 than in 2015, but 2017 has not been off to a great start. I spent a lot of January working on some of our holiday GoPro videos from last year – I’m about half way done with them – but I am back to the blog and will be posting more frequently again. :)

7. Go on an adventure/outing at least once a month and travel to at least 4 new places this year – we smashed this one out the park!!! We had an awesome year travel-wise and ticked some awesome countries and experiences off the Wanderlist. Greece, Scotland (twice), Mexico, Venice, Munich, Jersey, Amsterdam, Paris and a couple of UK camping trips as well. This year the plan is for more camping and adventure activities, and just as many, if not more holidays!

8. Take more photos – not just photos of my food, photos of the beauty in everyday life – we took some beautiful photo’s on our travels last year and Riaan really spent a bit of time learning the camera and getting v comfortable with it. So much so that I may need to get my own camera because I hardly get a chance to snap a few photos before he is asking for the camera back, LOL.Hi there 2017 Img 3 Hi there 2017 Img 4

And as for the update – it really has been a while…

We moved again (in November) and we are loving our new Borough, we are in Greenwich now, it’s nice and central but has a lot of parks and our apartment is only 5 minutes walk from the Thames. It will be awesome during (the 2 weeks of) summer.

Phoebe has been having some terrible rashes so had her on hypoallergenic food and antihistamines but they weren’t helping so we ended up having her blood, skin and an ear swab tested for allergies. It wasn’t bacterial and it turns out she is allergic to something…it isn’t grass, sand, trees, or dust, so what is it?? We don’t know. So she is on a course of antibiotics and medicated shampoo. Hopefully this will clear up everything forever.

Other than that, it has been pretty standard life stuff. Working long hours over half year-end, going to the gym regularly and just being hermits over the past few colder weekends. Last Friday we had a movie marathon, this Friday we binge-watched the entire first season of Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix. What a time to be alive! HAHA.

On a more social note, we actually left the hermit hole house on Saturday to meet up with some friends and go Go-Karting, it was great fun! AND it should be warming up soon…adventure awaits!

Until next time,













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