Greenwich Wanderings

As promised I’m kicking off the stories of our London explorations. I’m sure you can tell from the photos that this particular exploration happened quite a while ago… in the “Summer”.

It was an average Saturday in July and we were in the mood for a little adventure! So we decided to venture East for the day. We arrived in Greenwich around noon with nothing really specific in mind, other than to explore the sizeable park (we like parks) and also to sneak a peak at the Greenwich Meridian Line – unplanned adventures are the best!

We got off the DLR at the Cutty Sark station and wandered up to the river enjoying the little bit of British sunshine we were lucky enough to have, we walked we passed the Cutty Sark, a tea Clipper built in 1869 that travelled from London to Shanghai via the Cape of Good Hope – I dunno about you but (I’m feeling twenty twoooo-oooh-ooh-ooo…just had to throw that in there!) I always find ships really fascinating!
DSC_0686DSC_0626If you’re a fan of anything remotely nautical then this is the area for you, so many gift shops with all things nautical – maps, stripes, sailing and so much more!! Anyway, this was not the reason we came to Greenwich…so we ventured forth and continued wandering around, you know, just taking it all in.

Greenwich has some really pretty architecture and a lot of green space. We strolled through the Old Royal Naval College and their expansive gardens before making our way to the Queen’s House right at the bottom (or top? I dunno – in London direction confuses me endlessly – in my mind if I’m going uphill I’m going North…maybe it’s got something to do with the general way Johannesburg is laid out) of the park. It has the most beautiful tulip spiral staircase and a black and white marble floor in the Great Hall, currently it houses the National Maritime Museum’s painting collection which are quite interesting, but I got bored of it really quickly. Riaan on the other hand finds stuff like this endlessly fascinating!
DSC_0629DSC_0635DSC_0641DSC_0639DSC_0638We strolled through the park, along the walkways under the leafy canopy formed by the massive trees on either side, and made our way up the (steep) hill to the Royal Observatory and Planetarium.

Everything is so neatly aligned here and the view is not too bad either!
DSC_0646DSC_0659We walked and walked and walked through the park, exploring the rose gardens, admiring the happy flowerbeds and stopping briefly to chat with the locals.
DSC_0664DSC_0676DSC_0666DSC_0673We wandered around for about two hours before making our way to the Maritime museum for a  little browse. But before we went inside there was time for an epic leaf-boat race!!
DSC_0678On your marks…get set…GO!!!!
DSC_0679My little leaf-boat took off like a rocket…
DSC_0681Only to be capsized after going down the little waterfall.
DSC_0683While Riaan’s little leaf-boat floated gracefully past and beat mine to the finish line. DAMN!
DSC_0684We finished off the afternoon with a wander through the museum followed by a stroll through the local market and a riverside picnic dinner from M & S, their 3 for £10 mezze-like selection is the best! Not to mention the premixed tins of hooligan juice!

The perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday!

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