Five really random facts about my life right now

I thought it would be fun to just do a short and sweet and completely random post, because why the hell not?!?!

Then halfway through typing this post I thought why not make it into a bit of a “series” of sorts, so I decided to call it the Friday Five. It’s highly likely that every Friday Five will be different – it won’t always be random facts – so it could get very interesting, or maybe it won’t…we’ll see.
Friday Five:Five really random facts1. Phoebe is probably the most spoilt dog in South West London! She’s been having some really bad reactions to her dry food over the past few weeks, and even after trying her on a few different hypo-allergenic brands she still didn’t improve, so on Sunday I morphed into super dog mom mode and cooked up a feast of chicken, brown rice, green beans, sweet potato and carrots and split it up into portions for her for the next week and a bit. I also made some dehydrated sweet potato treats that she loves and she’s been enjoying a lot of fruit lately…It seems to be working because her skin irritations appear to have calmed and have started to clear up and she is so full of energy again. YAY for healthy food and being a good dog mom! 

2. On Tuesday I learnt that it is not a good idea to do burpees on a hard floor without shoes on…it’s also not a good idea to skip without shoes on…you will hurt yourself!! My sweat session concluded with me hurting my back while I was still recovering from whipping my toe with the skipping rope.

3. We are currently using bubble bath as shower gel (it’s not the first time) because you know, we ran out (on Wednesday) and I forgot to buy some more on the way home again! The first time we used bubble bath as shower gel was because I bought it thinking it WAS shower gel…Oops! #Adulting

4. We found a new apartment (to rent) which we really like, so we put a holding deposit down to secure it and yesterday we finally heard back from the property management company that our referencing has been completed and the ball is finally rolling to get the rental agreement in place! This probably doesn’t sound like a big deal but finding a decent pet-friendly place with a garden in London (that is not overgrown and spider infested) is so hard. The Pros: It’s mod and cozy. It’s pet-friendly and has off-street parking. It’s in Clapham. The Cons: No dishwasher.

5. I started reading The Girl on the Train this past week and I am freaking loving it! I was on the first chapter and I was already thinking to myself “Damn, this chick is crazy!” The story is so captivating, it’s the kind of book that keeps you up past bedtime because you can’t put it down and you read it at every chance you get. I can’t wait to finish it so that we can watch the movie (and so that I can get back to re-reading the entire HP series again).

If you have any book recommendations please pop them in the comments below, because as much as I loved her books in my late teens and early twenties, I’m really enjoying the venture away from Danielle Steel.

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