Everything we ate in Venice

It has been WAAAY too long since my last post!

Truth be told I just had 2 really long-ass work weeks a long 12 day work “week” and I couldn’t be happier to have it all behind me! I have spent the last 3 hours pricing flights for 4 upcoming trips we are planning because life is short and my list just keeps growing!

For now reminiscing about our last few trips will have to do, but before I get started telling you about everything we ate in Venice, please remember we were in Italy, and you know, when in Italy and all that stuff…Also we walked a hell of a lot…So no judging!

Pizza and red wine
Everything we ate in venice 1
On Friday night we stopped for dinner at Le Cafè on the edge of Campo Santo Stefano square. We were quite hungry because we had spent the day snacking and this was our first actual meal so we ordered a pizza each and a huge ass jug of Italian red wine.
Everything we ate in veniceThe pizzas were so delicious not a morsel was left behind. With a thin base of light dough, slathered with tomato and stringy melted cheese topped with fresh salami and vegetables and bursting with flavour. We were surprised to learn from our Gondolier a few days later that there are no wood fired pizza ovens in Venice because they are a fire hazard and could cause the city to burn down.

Everything we ate in venice 2 Aaaah I freaking love gelato, so smooth and silky and full of flavour. It’s more refreshing than ice cream and not nearly as creamy. If ice cream and frozen yogurt had a love child it would be gelato (at least that’s how I like to imagine it).
Everything we ate in venice 3I’d love to tell you that we tried all the flavours…but when it comes to gelato we have firm favourites, and they demanded to be eaten. More than once. Chocolate, Pistachio and Straciatella were frequent favourites, somehow Lemon also snuck it’s way into a bowl at some point. All of them good enough to put a massive smile on your face!

Everything we ate in venice 4
Having seen a few people sitting pretty at the cafes drinking spritz we decided to give it a try. We bought a four pack of prepackaged spritz at a supermarket one morning and sat canalside in the sunshine sipping them.

We didn’t love it TBH, like it wasn’t horrible, just the after taste was a little bitter for our liking, and they were a tad warm. In all honesty though I’m sure we might have appreciated it more if we had sat down at a restaurant and had a proper Venetian spritz served over ice and garnished with a slice of orange.

I have to add though, that drinking warm spritz on a jetty on the Grand Canal with good conversation is an awesome way to end off an evening in the beautiful city!

Fresh handmade spaghetti
Everything we ate in venice 6
We found an awesome little place called Bigoi, where a young Italian guy was making fresh spaghetti right in the shop window, which is exactly why it caught our eye! We stopped to watch him making the spaghetti and it didn’t take much more than that to convince us to join the queue in the bustling little shop.
Everything we ate in venice 5Riaan chose the Al Pomodoro tomato flavour and I went for the Bolognese, both topped with parmesan. We found a quite canalside spot and sat down to enjoy our snack. Both flavours were delicious, but Riaan’s won hands down!

Mini tomato ans mozzarella pizza tarts
Everything we ate in venice 7
We bought these tasty little babies, almond croissants and cappuccinos for breakfast from a very busy cafe. A lot of the cafes in Venice are small and only have room to stand so we took our breakfast and once again found a quite little canalside spot to sit down and dine al fresco. I’m seeing a trend here, haha, this was completely unintentional, but the Venice canals are so inviting and relaxing! 

PastaEverything we ate in venice 10So much pasta…and all of it in one day!
Everything we ate in venice 8Riaan opted for the Spaghetti Carbonara and I had Spaghetti Vongole with clams and tomato for a late lunch with a beautiful view.
Everything we ate in venice 9This was followed by a late night dinner of Spaghetti with creamy courgette, tomato and cheese to share. All of them delicious but none were as good as Bigoi’s fresh spaghetti.

Ok, so this isn’t really an Italian thing but we enjoyed it so much that it deserves to be on this list!

On Friday night before we went home we bought some breakfast supplies (read champagne and orange juice), we woke up on the 26th and started celebrating Riaan’s 30th straight away with Mimosas in bed!

I really think waking up to Mimosas in bed in a different country is a pretty awesome way to bring in your new year! It can only bring good things with it for the year ahead right?!

We enjoyed the Mimosas so much that we bought more for the next morning BUT we ended up drinking it all before bed at like 2 AM while we browsed maps of Venice looking for things to do the following day.

There was also more pizza, toasted bruschetta, wine and beer all of which went undocumented because you know, sometimes you just have to enjoy life in the moment, and also sometimes your phone is dead and you left the camera at home.

Restaurants can be pretty hit and miss when you’re in a different country, so we always try to go where the locals are. It usually works for us.

So yeah, I think we did a good job of eating our way through Venice and we may have been in a bit of a carb-coma when we got home. The only thing we missed was cicchetti, but it’s OK, Rome and Amalfi are calling my name and I’m sure there will be no shortage of cicchetti or a proper spritz there!

Until next time,


  1. Christine Krzyszton

    During my first trip to Vienna I ate a lot of bread and cheese, including a lot of pizza! Good to see you supplemented all the bread and cheese with some yummy choices.

  2. K Shaw

    Omg those pizzzzzas. I love italian pizza so much. This makes me want to go back! Pizza + jug of wine, lol.

  3. Nadia Botha

    Thanks. Now I’m hungry.

  4. Tom Stevenson

    I love Italian food, so I think I would be at home in Venice! All the food looks incredible!

    • Simone

      Thank you Tom, if you love Italian then you would definitely be at home there – there are so many good places to eat!

  5. Jenny

    Haha I’m like you with gelato….I look at all the flavours and they all sound so good but I usually end up with my favourites…chocolate and some kind of berry flavour. Yum!

    • Simone

      Haha Jenny it’s like confessions of a chocaholic – chocolate always wins! Ooooh I am a sucker for berry froyo – havn’t tried a berry gelato yet though! Will have to try one ASAP!

  6. Vicky

    God, I don’t know which one looks more delicious – they all look so tasty! Those pizzas! And the gelato! I’m going to Rome in October so I can’t WAIT to try some Italian food!

    • Simone

      Aaah Vicky I am so Jealous! Rome will be amazing, I really want to go there, and to the Almalfi Coast, and maybe Tuscany! I’m warning you, a scoop a day is not enough! Hope you have an amazing trip! :)

      • Vicky

        Haha, thanks Simone! :) The Amalfi coast looks AMAZING, it’s on my list too. And Tuscany!

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