DIY Magnetic Travel Map

Since we moved to London I’ve been wanting a map where I can mark off the countries we’ve been to (you know, since we are going to be doing so much travelling now!).

So you can just imagine my excitement when I found one of those gold foil maps that you can scratch the foil off to uncover the places you’ve been to. I opened it up in store and held it up to admire and I was just like ‘Meh’… It really didn’t live up to the expectations of awesomeness that I had for it.

So I decided to make one of those “Pin-Maps” – the kind where you simply pin a thumbtack to the map that is pinned to a cork notice board. So we searched for a map for a couple of weeks until (by chance) we found the perfect map! (It’s actually a sheet of wrapping paper – Shhhh don’t tell!) We love that this map is so vintage looking, it’s really pretty and not as boring as a generic map!

So now that we had the most important piece of the project we could get serious about making this thing! But I couldn’t bring myself to stab holes into the pretty thing so I set about looking online for magnetic map pins, and Amazon came to my rescue!!

Apart from the time spent scouring the shops for the map and a frame that was big enough, this project only took about 15 minutes to complete!

Here’s what you’ll need:
An awesome map
Magnetic paper – depends on how big your map is, I used 3 and a bit.
A poster frame
Map magnets


Measure out your map to the backing board of your poster frame and cut it to size if it’s a little big, mine had a little overhang so it needed a some trimming.


Once you’ve measured the map, measure out your magnetic paper, we decided that we most probably wouldn’t be travelling to the extreme north or south of the planet anytime soon, so I only put magnetic paper across the middle of the map.

Once you’ve measured out the photo paper, glue it to the backing board. Allow the glue to dry a little before hanging. And that’s all the hard work done!


Once the glue is dried put the map on top of the magnetic paper, put it back in the frame, pop your magnets on the map and hang it up on the wall. And that’s it! All done!


Where I got my supplies:
Awesome map – Waterstones
Glue – Any glue should work, I used an all purpose glue I had lying around.
Magnetic paper – Amazon
A poster frame – Asda
Map magnets – Amazon

The only downside is that if your magnets are too close to one another they get really affectionate and can’t keep their little invisible magnetic hands off of one another – so I might just end up poking holes in the map one day when my travels eventually take me all over Europe. But until then I really like my magnetic map!!


  1. Tyler

    Love it! Same concept as the makeup palette I made. So clever I hope you fill it up with loads of pins.
    happy safe travels

    • SimmyVos

      Thank you Tyler, your make-up box is what inspired me, I was like Ahhhhh you can do so much with magnetic paper! It’s awesome!!
      Thank you!! xxx

  2. debby mccoll

    That is such a clever idea.

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