Booking holidays, FOMO and first world problems

Booking Holidays, FOMO and First world problems, where to travel, europe, travel, simply simoneToday I have a bit of a mind barf to do.

Now that I’m working again Riaan and I are looking at options for a summer holiday.

The thing about summer in London is when it’s good it really is glorious and lovely and gives me the “I never want to leave this city” feels.

But on days like today, I dream of warm beaches and cold oceans and NOT A CLOUD IN SIGHT. I spend every spare minute scrolling holiday websites and Pinterest, fuelling my wanderlust.

Today has been so miserable. It’s been raining SIDEWAYS. The wind is howling outside. The real feel at 9am was 6. 6 flipping degrees. WTF London? 

Days like today make me crave a real summer holiday.

Booking last year’s holiday was so easy because we knew we wanted to go to Greece. It was just a case of deciding which islands we wanted to go to. Also, Mexico (someone take me back here please) was decided for us which made life easy peasy.

But this year it is proving to be a bit more difficult to book. How do you choose when you have 4 equally beautiful places that you want to go to and none of them sits particularly above the others on your “list”?

The ones that sit higher on the list require more than a couple of weeks planning and tickets should prolly be booked well in advance. (I’m talking about you Australia, Bali, Seychelles and California).

Last night we sat for about 3 hours checking different flight prices, hotels prices, car/quad hire and ferry costs. You know, the things that add up quickly before you’ve even considered food nvm going on a guided snorkel boat trip.
So how do you decide? Malta or Majorca. Croatia or Sardinia? Which metaphorical basket do you put all your eggs in without feeling a tummy twisting FOMO about the other places?

I mean I know they will all still be there next summer BUT things happen…like the azure window collapsing in Malta earlier this year – it’s gone now. I will have to be happy with having seen it on GOT.

It’s not your usual FOMO, like “I want to go to there” (thanks Liz Lemon), it’s more like we want to go to all of these amazing places, but we don’t want to choose the wrong one because we want this holiday to be as amazing as our last 2 summer holidays and we don’t want to be disappointed. You get what I’m saying right? That’s A LOT of pressure.

If only to complicate things more, we’re also trying to go before and/or after peak season is in full swing, we’re trying to maximize our leave days and we’re also trying to get the most bang for our buck. Eish!

We’ve even been toying with the idea of going back to Greece to visit one or two of the northern islands. We had an amazing time during our last holiday in Greece so the other islands are sure to be a good bet too. Also, it’s turtle hatching season in Zante…that kinda makes me not care about going to another country because, baby turtles!!!!

Aaaah so many choices…talk about first world problems, eh!
Anyone want to help us decide? Or give us any advice or pointers on where to go? All suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Debby

    What about spain or Portugal?

    • SimmyVos

      Majorca is a Spanish Balearic Island, it’s one of the places we want to go to. Riaan just got back from Portugal last month, sp too soon to go back :)

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