Berry Delicious Smoothie

First off, I couldn’t resist the punny title.
I have this friend (Melanie), she lives for puns, she is like the Queen of puns and lame jokes and she would be so proud of this!
I can just imagine her drinking my smoothie and saying “Ah that was berry delicious!” and then I would probs groan a little and be like “Why Melanie? Whhhhhyyyy?? Hahahaha”.

Anyway, we’ve been pretty into making smoothies for breakfast lately.
The very first day we followed a recipe and made a hazelnut, banana and apricot smoothie. It was good, interesting to say the least.
From day two onwards we have just been winging it. Most days our smoothies are made with kale, yogurt, banana and either apple, strawberry, kiwi or blue berries with a dash of water. Sometimes with a tablespoon of peanut butter thrown in aswell. Because we all know that peanut butter tastes good with pretty much ANYTHING! The possibilities are endless, its fast, healthy and tasty!

So on Friday we got a little creative, kicked the leaves to the curb and made a delicious pink smoothie… it tastes like summer!

To make one smoothie you will need:
1 Banana
5 Strawberries
5 Cherries
1 Kiwi Fruit
125ml Vanilla Yogurt

DSC_0593It’s really easy.
Peel the banana and chop it up.
Remove the stems and de-pit the cherries.
Cut the leaves off the strawbs.
Peel the kiwi and chop it up.

20150717_081415Throw it all in your blender of choice.

20150717_081616I’m using a Kenwood Smoothie Maker. The bottles are really durable and perfect for a take-away smoothie.

Turn that baby to high and let it whizz for a minute or two, until all the chunks of fruit are transformed into a bright pink, creamy sludge.  This is the part where I add some cold water (about 125ml) and give it another whizz – I like runny smoothies.
You can add ice, milk, coconut water, fruit juice or anything really, hey if it’s the weekend why not add some champs!!

20150717_082011120150717_081902And that’s it! Decant all that goodness into your glass of choice or if you’re in a rush (like I usually am) just pop the lid on the bottle and take it with you to work!

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