Battersea Bonfire Night

A while back I posted a list of things I wanted to do in London this winter , one of which was watching the fireworks on the 5th of November.

Unfortunately the 5th was rather Londony – wet, windy and not much fun to be outside. So instead of seeing spectacularly pretty fireworks, the cloudy sky seemed to light up every now and again with an accompanying bang. It looked exactly like a Johanneburg thunderstorm rolling in, the period of dense cloudy thunder before the rain starts to pour. I miss those thunderstorms!

Luckily though, the majority of the displays were scheduled for Saturday night.

And even more luckily, even though the weather was very Londony on Saturday morning, it cleared up nicely on Saturday night.

So we took a walk very long walk along the Southbank to Battersea bridge to watch Londons skyline light up with beautiful glittering fireworks in celebration of Bonfire night and Guy Fawkes.

My favourite part is seeing the reflection of the fireworks on the water, it is so pretty!!

Hope you enjoyed the display as much a we (and the clearly impressed guy standing in front of us) did!

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