A trip back home

We went back home for a little Christmas breakaway to visit our family and friends. I thought it’d be nice to share a few of my favourite pictures with some captions. As a side note – I prefer not to post photos of our family/friends, it’s not up to me what photos of them are floating about on the internet, and I don’t want to step on any toes posting photos to this blog, also it was a family visit so we didn’t take that many photos… but before we get to the pictures – a bit of a story.

Landing at OR Tambo was pretty much what we expected, if you’re familiar with Trevor Noah I’m sure you’ll have seen his Airport security skit, that’s exactly what we came home to and it was brilliant!! If you haven’t seen the skit do yourself a favour and follow this link >> http://tinyurl.com/zmszuu3 << and check it out!!

Although Jo’burg will always be home, being back felt strange. As if the last year in London was just a dream and we had suddenly woken up and were now back to ‘normal’. So little has changed in the time we have been gone (except for the price of basic amenities – I mean compared to London it’s still dirt cheap, but damn! Costs have risen in just a year).

So 10 days was definitely not enough for everything we wanted to do, then again I don’t think any visit would ever feel long enough when you only see your family once a year.

Our 10 days there were a whirlwind of activity, filled with all the food we’d missed while we’ve been in London, as much catching up and kuiering with friends and family as we could squeeze in, late night swims at my dads, late night puzzle building at my moms, alot of shopping, and visiting with Riaan’s parents.

We spent Christmas Eve and Boxing Day with my mom and dad and Christmas day with Riaan’s family. It was fantastic, a real South African Christmas filled with cold meats, salad and WAAAAY too much desert! On top of that, pretty much the whole family was there and it was so great seeing everyone again and seeing how all the children have grown.

Now, on to the photos – excuse the quality – most of these were candid and hurried cellphone pics, unposed and unpretentious ;)

DSC_0206This is the best ever turkish delight! I don’t eat turkish delight but I’d fly with Turkish Airlines again just to have this sweet treat again! All soft and nutty and delicious. I even tried to trick Hein into giving me his on the flight back!
DSC_0218Pretty city lights over Istanbul on the second leg of our trip home.
DSC_0226I can see Jo’burg from here – and compared to London, it is tiny! Coming in to land at OR Tambo.
DSC_0232Riaan is in his element! First braai of the trip and we ate ALLLLL THE RIBS!!! I even ate some sauce and pap (not pap and sauce – there was waaaay more sauce than pap!!) that Mariaan made for us :)
DSC_0043Followed by a kuier into the wee hours of the morning, the boys watched the sunrise over Jo’burg while the girls caught a few zzzz’s.
After a 3 hour power nap we were off to meet some of my lovely girlfriends for breakfast at Tashas. (Not pictured – we were too hungry ~ maybe still a little merry from the night before ~ to take pics of our delicious breakfasts!)
DSC_0248Hot Summer Nights = Late night swims = underwater ussies! (Taken on my cellphone!!)
DSC_0386Spicy Chicken Tacos, Jalapeno Poppers, Pulled Beef Pizzadila and Frozen Margaritas at Salsa in Northcliff – one of my favourite meals of the trip. TBH, we ate really well on our trip and made sure to visit all of our favourite SA restaurants. The mexican was followed by a visit to the Beerhouse for some delicious Cherry Cider and then to another cool spot down the road for another cherry cider. Yay for Craft beer!
DSC_0103Just a pretty sunset over Meyersdal Koppies after a mountain of prawns and some sushi at Rock and Sole.
DSC_0110Obligatory ussie at the Monte Casino birdpark.
DSC_0107I was really impressed with the enclosures at the bird park, they were clean and large with a lot of different species and the birds looked well and healthy.

DSC_0406Feeding the lorikeets some nectar. I love the colouring on these birds. Riaan used to have a bird like this (Dio) he had been rescued from an abusive/uncaring home so we adopted him, he was really scared at first but once he got used to us he really was such a cute little parrot.
DSC_0414DSC_0427King Julian chilling on the sidewalk in one of the large walk-in enclosures.
DSC_0462Wimpy was just a must – and as always I had the bacon avo burger. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!
DSC_0478Summer lovin’! All grainy and skew and I don’t really care because I really like this picture!
12642541_10207492633609497_8529826130905742057_nAnd last but not least is this stuff! We were wandering around Istanbul airport looking for Rennies/Gaviscon for Riaan but not able to find a chemist/pharmacy so we decided that milk would do the trick. We found a little cafe and they had this stuff which appears to 100% pasturised and should therefore be milk. I mean it looks like a milk container! Anyway we pay over R40 for this “milk” and Riaan is super eager to drink it to get rid of his heartburn, he opens it and takes a huge gulp and his face told a story like no other! So we all had a taste and agreed it was crap, Riaan took another large gulp and threw the rest in the bin! When we got back to London we were able to google what this stuff is, turns out it is a Turkish delicacy – salted yoghurt…Yummm, right! Well at least it helped with his heartburn!

Until next time,

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    1. That will be up in the week, it was so nice and I have so many photos that it pretty much deserves a post all of it’s own!
      YAY! I was actually on your blog again last week, just checking if you had changed your mind…I’m so glad you did!

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