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I know this might sound a little crazy, BUT I’ve been getting really excited for our first full winter in the UK, since we only caught the tail end of the last one. That is until I woke up yesterday morning to find that I only had one properly functioning nasal passage and Kermit the frog had taken up residence in my throat, not to mention the fact that it felt like my brain was maybe one and a half times too big for my head…So that put a little damper on my winter excitement.

Also, I get the impression that there will be quite a few more fluish days in the upcoming months! Damn you England and your cold wind, you are not good for my adventurous shenanigans!

Ever since I was little I always wondered what it would be like to have a white Christmas, you know, like the kind you see in the movies, where families gather around a fireplace and drink mulled wine and someone plays the piano…only in our case it will be a few days after Christmas and Riaan will be playing the guitar (or if history was to repeat itself Cindy would be playing the violin very badly) and we will be drinking normal wine and hopefully we’ll be huddled around a fireplace! Sounds pretty damn awesome to me!

I guess I’m also super excited because some of our besties will be here for a bit of the winter, so in anticipation of that, and since this is our first full winter in London, I’ve been researching all the fun things I want to do and I have compiled a list (with some extra info), because I’m a control freak like that!! *winking emoji*

Outdoor Ice Skating at Somerset House/The Natural History Museum
Somerset House: The ice rink will be open from 18 November to 10 January, it appears that you have to book in advance, tickets are £ 7,50 for a one hour session.
Natural History Museum: The ice rink will be open from 29 October to 3 January, once again it appears that you have to book in advance, tickets are £ 12,65 for a 50 minute session.
natural-history-museum-ice-rinkThe Natural History Museum
On that note, with at least 16 very cold weekends ahead of us what better way to spend a lazy Sunday than strolling through the Natural History Museum, all warm and snug within the confines of its massive stone walls.

Hampstead Christmas Market
On 29 November Hampstead High Street will be transformed into a Christmas Market with food stalls, gifts and live reindeer among other things…yip, LIVE reindeer!!

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park
I’m particularly excited for Winter Wonderland and the Christmas Markets, it will be open from 20 November to 3 January. There’s alot to do and see – enjoy drinks at an ice bar, ride a giant ferris wheel or other carnival rides, go to the circus and view ice sculptures to name a few.
I’ve been advised to go twice, once in the day and once in the evening, if you’re brave you could probably spend an entire day but I’ll heed the advice and split it up, apparently we’re in for a VERRRRY cold winter!!
Entrance to the fare is free, you only pay for the activities and it is advised to book in advance!

Vauxhall Christmas Tree Maze
Promising London’s largest Christmas Tree Maze with over 500 trees adorned with twinkly lights, making your way through this magical urban Christmas tree maze is sure to be a fun night out! The maze and an ice rink will be open from 21 November to 4 January and entrance costs around £ 16,50 for a 1 hour skating session and the maze, advance booking is recommended.

Stroll down Oxford and Regent Street
Admire the Christmas lights – like we used to do in Jo’burg when we were kids, but lets be honest I’ll probably have a hot chocolate or a mulled wine in hand while we stroll.
And while we’re at it we can go admire the ginormous Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square.

Snuggle up at the Electric Cinema for a romcom
If we’re lucky enough to have a decent amount of snow – and it’s looking more and more likely each day – we might be able to go tobogganing in Greenwich Park!

Borough Market
Seriously, this is an all year thing – just go to Borough Market! Do it!
It’s open for lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays, and all day on Wednesday – Saturday. Go Hungry!!
When all the buddies are here we’ll definitely have to take them to grab a (probs gourmet) hot chocolate or more likely some mulled wine and a warm meal! Then we’ll head into a pub and warm our tootsies by the fire!

Bonfire Night
Remember, remember the 5th of November… this day traditionally marks the anniversary of the end of the plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605 and will be celebrated with spectacular fireworks displays throughout London.

Last and most definitely not least, once we’ve rung in the new year and I’m all tired from an awesome holiday and in need of some relaxation I plan to snuggle up infront of an open log fire with a book at one of Londons library bars.

Am I missing any big Winter events? I hope not!!

Until next time,

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3 thoughts on “A London Winter To Do List

    1. Hahaha Cindy, I’ll make sure I have AT LEAST one packet of cheese curls!! That really was the best christmas! And most definitely we’ll do all of the above! Maybe even Bonfire night :D You will be here then right?

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