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DSC_1026I know I have been VERY bad at keeping you all up to speed with what we get up to in London on the weekends… I last told you about Portobello Road Market.

We’ve actually done quite a lot since we’ve been here, and I think I will tell you all about it over the next few weeks, but for now here is a very quick rundown of some of the stuff we’ve been getting up to:
We spent a day touring around Stonehenge and Bath.
We visited Windsor Castle and enjoyed a delicious cream tea with a university friend of Riaan’s.
Took the train down to Brighton twice and had a lovely Sunday by the seaside, one time we even braaied on the beach!
We spent a day exploring Greenwich.
We spent a few days wondering around London seeing all the major sights in all their summer splendour.
We spent a lazy Autumn Sunday afternoon wandering around Holland Park.
In the summer we enjoyed alfresco riverside park dinner picnics on an almost weekly basis.
Explored Hampstead and its expansive Heath more than once.
We’ve lazed about in Hyde Park twice listening to live concerts and picnicing in the sunshine,
and we spent a weekend in Amsterdam which you can read about here and here.
Oh, we’ve also found a really homey South African bar where we’ve watched all the SA RWC matches (except the USA match – we ended up at the stadium for that one), the vibe is great, it’s just like being at a bar in Johannesburg – Afrikaans music and all!! LOL

For work I’ve gone to Oxford, Manchester, Liverpool and South-End on Sea, but I didn’t really see or do that much to be honest, evenings were mostly spent studying, travelling and working late.

The next places I want to go to in England are Cambridge, York, Dover, Cornwall, and Lake District, maybe also back to Bath.

If you follow me on Facebook or Insta you would have seen that Dad stayed over by us for a week as well – we were super tourists and I made sure they saw EVERYTHING in London! We were lucky enough to watch the SA vs USA RWC game live while they were here! I think they might have needed another few days of holiday back in SA just to recover from all the walking I made them do. Haha! I’ll definitely be doing a post on this as well – I know the family would like to read all about it! :)

In other news I passed the exam I wrote in September and now only have 2 papers left before I’m qualified ACCA! Wooop! Also I’m considering doing my masters now, it’s only one extra project in addition to the 2 subjects I chose as my options, but we’ll see – I’m still looking into it.

We’re also looking for a new flat, we decided that it’s time to move, not because we don’t like the area where we stay – it’s pretty cool and quite central, but it’s expensive for a small tiny little place. We chose this place because it was so close to my job at the time, it was modern and furnished and pretty and also we were super desperate to not have to live in a hotel for another week after we had arrived in London in January. But since we’ve been here we have discovered more of London through our weekend explorations and have found a few areas that we really like, so hold thumbs that we find an awesome flat – with a garden, so we can braai and get a dog or two!

I’m also officially counting down the days until Cindy and Marcelle arrive in London, as well as the weeks until we hop on a plane to come visit all our wonderful friends and family in South Africa!!

And for those that keep asking, no we are not preggers yet, hahaha … 5 year plan guys!

As for this weekend we have no major plans, other than to support the Boks in their RWC semi-final, at the SA bar of course!

Until next time,

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