A few lessons from Friends

friends-anniversary-mainLast month Riaan and I finished binge-watching all 10 seasons of Friends. Thank you Netflix!!

It started off as one of the light-hearted kind of shows we like to put on while we work, have dinner or for a quick episode before bed.

It ended as much more than that, a show we really enjoyed. Definitely one of my all time favourite series.

So I have had this post drafted for about 4 days and hadn’t posted it because I needed a pic of my cute new friends t-shirt, but I decided to post sans t-shirt pic. Also, last night I found out that Comedy Central will be hosting Friends Fest as from Monday (24 August) where they will be airing all episodes, how exciting!! And as if that isn’t enough there will be an exhibition running with the original friends set, proprs and a pop-up salon where you can get a Rachel! It will run for five days from Wednesday 16th September to Sunday 20th September at The Boiler House on Brick Lane, they only cost £5 for a 2 hour slot, unfortunately the tickets are already sold out but there are rumors that more will be released soon, holding thumbs that I can get my hands on a pair of tickets!! 

Anyway lets get back to my original plan for this post, the paragraph above was just a bonus! I was much sadder to see the end of season 10 than I thought I would be. Truth be told I took alot away from watching Friends, I think it’s because at this point in my life I can completely relate to the show.

You know, in your 20’s you’re at this awkward stage where you are questioning yourself and your whole life, the choices you’ve made, your career choice, the place you are living in, do you want kids, when do you want them, and how many? Are you selfish for first wanting to indulge in a little travel? Hell, the list just goes on!

I am yet to meet an actual real life 25 year old that is completely happy with where they are and what they have achieved so far. Don’t get me wrong, I’m damn proud of what I’ve achieved so far, BUT I feel like I need to achieve more!

I think that as a generation we are so different to the 70s and early 80s babies. We do not fit the pattern of marriage, a house and babies all before 25.  Pretty much everyone I know is just winging it and enjoying the ride!

A few of my favourite things I took from Friends:

  • It’s OK if you don’t have life all figured out! 
  • True friends will really always be there for you, no matter what.
  • Some friendships do just last forever.
  • If you really want something and work hard at it, it’ll work out in the end.
  • It’s never to late to change your career, do what makes you happy, you spend most of your time at work anyway – Chandler
  • Do not care so much about what other people think about you, its completely fine to be a little crazy – Pheebs
  • It’s ok to try to control certain details in your life – Monica
  • It’s OK to be a little nerdy – Ross
  • Keep your work life and your personal life seperate – Rachel
  • Try not to let things get you down but it’s completely OK to have a good cry sometimes – Joey
  • It’s OK if you don’t like to share your food.
  • You’re never to old to act like a kid.
  • Regina Falange is the best fake name, always use it!
  • The best nap you’ll ever have can be with your friend.
  • Tit for tat does not always work out so well!
  • How you doin? is the BEST PICKUP LINE EVER!

If you have any suggestions for some totally relatable series to watch please share in the comments below!! 

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2 thoughts on “A few lessons from Friends

  1. OH MY Goodness! “I am yet to meet an actual real life 25 year old that is completely happy with where they are and what they have achieved so far” made me laugh hard, sounds like trying to find a unicorn and is so true.

    Lovely post <3
    Tyler Leigh recently posted…Catching Happy

    1. Haha glad to learn that I am capable of writing humorous posts, even if they are only a little funny ;)
      It’s exactly like trying to find a unicorn!!

      Thank you Ty!~XX~

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