Our day trip to Zugspitze, Bavaria

On Wednesday morning we were up at a reasonable hour (thank goodness!), all caught up on Tuesdays lost sleep. We had to catch the 9:30 train to Garmisch-Partenkirchen from Munich station.

After getting our asses to the station and getting our tickets there was just enough time to grab cappuccinos and pretzels for breakfast before dashing for the train.
A day trip to Zugspitze 1We settled in as the train departed watching the city buildings roll by slowly changing into, houses, hills, valleys, lakes, rivers and farms.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0145.The hour and a half journey passed by quickly and we were in one of the most southern parts of Germany before we knew it!

We grabbed some snacks from the local store before making our way to the Zugspitze ticket office, just in time for the next little cog wheel train up the mountain.

We rolled slowly up the mountain along the winding track through tall pine trees dusted with snow, past fields and ski slopes and clusters of houses with a real Heidi feel to them.

I learned this past weekend that the Olympic teams actually train for ski jumping in Garmish – it’s quite snowy there and they experience snow for 6 months of the year – We also learned yesterday that there is a live-ish webcam ontop of the mountain, so you can check the weather and view up there before you go! It is still all white and fluffy up there as I type this! But the day before we went there were endless clear blue skies…SOB!!

We got to Eibsee where we you have the choice of staying on the train to go up the peak or you can take a cablecar.
A day trip to Zugspitze 6As we walked from the train platform to the cable car station it started snowing, flakes of all shapes and sizes floated down from the sky as I squealed in delight! The first time we’ve been in proper snowfall – so we took a few photos and then walked arm in arm to the cable cars, tounges out, catching snowflakes! Because that’s what normal people do!

The cable car ride took about 12 minutes, and I can imagine that I’d be pretty nervous if I could have seen the ground, but it was as though we were floating through clouds, surrounded by white, only seeing the tips of the pine trees below us, peeking through the heavy mist now and again.

Up on the peak there’s not that much to do, especially in the conditions we had, I think a summer visit would allow some hiking and you’d definitely have better views – of over 400 peaks in 4 countries!
A day trip to Zugspitze 11 A day trip to Zugspitze 12 A day trip to Zugspitze 13We walked around for a while just taking it all in, had a few snow ball fights (read I threw alot of snowballs at unsuspecting Riaan), then made our way to the highest beer garden in Germany to retreat from the cold for a light lunch and a couple of beers.

This meal was the surprise best meal of the Germany leg of our trip! It arrived in a cute little ceramic pot and when we opened it up we regretted our choice immediately. Sausage in water…it hardly looked appealing, so we laughed it off and dug in, we wanted to try the local cuisine so we weren’t going to judge based on appearance!
A day trip to Zugspitze 10 A day trip to Zugspitze 9The sausage was spiced to perfection, the pretzels were fresh and warm and the mustard was just delicious! We ate it like German hotdogs, sausage in pretzel topped with mustard! Nom nom nom! 

When our plates we spotless and our glasses dry we ventured back out into the cold, where I made my very first snow angel! We walked around a little more, built a baby snowman, gave him a swift kick to the head, and flung a few more snowballs at one another.
A day trip to Zugspitze 3A day trip to Zugspitze 4Once we saw (or didn’t see – I can’t decide, it was so misty) everything the summit had to offer we hopped onto another cablecar and floated gracefully down the mountain to the slopes.

We hadn’t been expecting snow on our trip – AT All – so we were very inappropriately dressed, but we made the most of the experience and pranced around in the snow, like children on Christmas morning!

After exploring the slopes, the chapel and the viewing platform (the glass one at Alpspitze has amazing views in summer!), I found a little bum board and we tired ourselves out running up the slopes and sliding down on our bums, me being a proper woo girl on the down bits!DCIM100GOPROGOPR0252.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0255.We caught the last train down through the mountain, gazing out the window in awe of the natural beauty around us.A day trip to Zugspitze 16If we had enough time we would have gone up Alpspitze as well, but time passed us by while we were playing in the snow! All the more reason to visit again!! Maybe next time we’ll spend a night in one of the igloos in the igloo village!

Here are a few stock photos from pixabay of what we had hoped to see…
zugspitze-978641_960_720cable-car-977924_960_720 zugspitze-824396_960_720 zugspitze-980728_960_720Pretty amazing isn’t it?!?! Now that we know about the webcam on top of the mountain, hopefully next time we visit we’ll be lucky enough to get views like these! 

By the time we got back to Munich we were starving, we headed straight to Hofbrauhaus (Munich’s biggest beer garden, serving massive beers with a live band playing and an awesome atmosphere to boot) for some more pork knuckle, potatoes and way too much beer…you know, when in Germany, and all that jazz!

Until next time,

P.S – I have a few more photos to add, just having a few frustrations with my GoPro Studio…anyone know of an alternative editing suite I can use to create videos and save stilll pics? Would greatly appreciate any pointers!

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